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mnemonic warehouse

There is No Emperor But the Emperor of Biscuits.
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A place online for people to create and share mnemonics by category.

The more cryptic the better. For instance, the recipe for biscuits in a poem:

Four o'clock ceremony

Old Sal was there
And three old haunts
rose gently on the wind
a 45 played
into the grave
as Daisy sifted in
Buttermilk Mike
Twice her size
Waited by the bower
Where Fatboy Dave's
Mealy grains would
Feed the fourfold flowers

The recipe is based on weight ratios. Sal is salt and the haunts that rise are baking powder. So this describes a 3:1 baking powder to salt weight ratio. You should sift your flour (Daisy), and the ratio of flour to the rest ingredients already in the bowl is 45:1. The ratio of buttermilk to flour is 2:1 by weight. The ratio of flour, salt and baking powder to shortening or other fat) is 4:1 The fat is cut into flour mixture until it looks like cornmeal. There is a 2:1 ratio between the buttermilk and the flour. The buttermilk is added last.

This is just an example, different people could come up with different mnemonics for the same thing:

Three to one salt to rise
Mixture one to forty-five
Double this for buttermilk
And set the buttermilk aside
Shortening, butter and their ilk
are half of half of what is dry
Cut the dry into the fat
Add the wet after that

nomocrow, Jul 28 2009

Mnemonics site http://www.eudesign.../mnems/_mnframe.htm
[jutta, Jul 28 2009]

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       I googled, I really did.   

       Thank you for the link, I'll delete.
nomocrow, Jul 29 2009

       No, wait. Give the rest of us a time to bookmark that great link. Let it lie for a few days.   

       Thanks to both of you.
normzone, Jul 29 2009


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