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Sat-Nav Wiki

An app, that automatically links to geographically appropriate Wikipedia pages.
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Turn on your phone, tablet or other device and learn historically interesting (yet ultimately pointless) info nuggets about where you are.

Driving slowly is recommended unless you can read fast.

Someone tell me where to find the baked goods?

Skewed, Dec 08 2018

Proximat source idea. [Skewed, Dec 09 2018]


       // ultimately pointless //   

       Bun. [+]   

       // Someone tell me where to find the baked goods? //   

       All your bun are belong to us.
8th of 7, Dec 08 2018

       "And, if you look to your right as you approach this next corner, you'll see what is officially England's most accident- prone road junction."
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2018

       Google Earth (not Maps) had this, years ago. As you looked around on the globe, if you zoomed in enough and had the right layer turned on, you'd see Wikipedia article markers you could click on. I don't know if it still has them. Wikipedia articles for places almost always have geographic coordinates in them (at the top right on desktop), so I guess that's what they used. It also had photos in a similar arrangement—IIRC, Wikimapia was the name of the company that provided the association between photos and places; Google Earth just integrated their data. But Google Earth isn't commonly used to track your current location as you move about.   

       The app Field Trip, by Niantic (creators of Ingress and Pokémon Go, which use interesting real-world places in-game but don't give much or any info about them AFAIK), was supposed to do something like this, giving you notifications with info about places you passed, though IDK if was wiki-based, and it never actually did anything on my phone for some reason.   

       I think Layar might have done something like this too.   

       But a simple app to do this on a map of your surroundings, and little else, remains unbaked, to my knowledge.
notexactly, Dec 09 2018

       WIFRT, I thought it was going to be crowd-sourced corrections to sat-nav data glitches.   

       F'rinstance, there's an intersection near me where, the harder the local council indicates "no right turn here" (first with road markings, then with a sign on a pole, then with anchored traffic cones), the more the Google Lady tells me to turn right there.   

       There oughta be a way to tell the gatekeepers of all the world's information that they're missing some information - otherwise, I foresee a hilarious tragedy unfolding with a self-driving car and a row of concrete bollards.
pertinax, Dec 09 2018

       [pertinax] There's a menu option to send feedback in Google maps. You have to be logged in. Then you can click the menu button in the upper left and select "send feedback". I've reported a couple errors this way and they were fixed quickly.
scad mientist, Dec 09 2018

       [notexactly], I was thinking of something tied into the GPS that updated as you moved, a text-to-voice option would be nice too (which would make it a sort of automated tour guide then), but a lot of that's pretty close to what I was thinking of.   

       All the elements probably exist in one form or another, just maybe not all tied up in one handy package with the "look & feel" I was imagining.
Skewed, Dec 09 2018

       Thank you, [scad]. I'll try that.
pertinax, Dec 09 2018


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