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modern bowl cut

A modern bowl cut for modern children and aged men.
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You know, being asian, i wished i had more options for a haircut other than the standard bowl cut that thrived from the early 60's to the early 90's. Since i have grown up, i have better tastes....regardless of the fact that i am still cheap. Since i have a large head (think darwins head) simple saucepans and "bowls" do not fit my head.

So, the modern kiddo needs a better solution that caters to their "punk" and "emo" tastes that looks a bit different, yet accomplished the same thing...so i devise the modern bowl cut which gives you a lance bass/boyband affect.

All you have to do is put a collander (the nice spaghetti collanders go well) on your head and nicely place your hair through the holes and you will have a nice, distributed, possibly spiky pattern hair going. Anyways their are many possibilities....like throwing spaghetti sauce on your head and standing in the sun (natural bleaching)

so, if you want something a bit different that doesn't look like some used a razor attached to a vacuum cleaner, i suggest the modern collander bowl cut.

compatta, May 29 2006

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       Does the collander do anything except regulate the distance between the cut and the scalp? If not, how is this different to a clipper cut, with one of those numbered comb attachments?
Texticle, May 29 2006

       "and nicely place your hair through the holes"... how the how?
epicproblem, May 29 2006


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