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Light-Up Ponytail Fasteners

Brighten those braids!
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Surely you ladies have seen or worn "twin bead" ponytail fasteners. Elastic bands with pretty crystalline beads on either end. Well, what if the beads actually LIT UP in the dark, like bike reflectors or mini-lanterns, via a small wristwatch-type battery? For little girls, a safe way to play outside when it's getting dark. For "big girls," a romantic light for those nights of desire. For kiddies, teens, and grown-up ladies alike, a beautiful festive decoration that adds a fun party spark to those tresses. In a wealth of colors -- pink, cyan, blue, green, purple, red, orange, and clear/white.
Sparki, Sep 11 2001


       What I meant is, it's mainly girls and women who wear bead fasteners in their ponytails, but I'm sure boys and men with long hair might wear them too. But, as far as I know, it's mostly a girl thing
Sparki, Sep 12 2001

       bliss, its me : po, black coffee, sweetheart - just drink, whoops sip sweetheart yes its OK get you home now.
po, Dec 23 2001

       yes UB its seasonal affected disorder!
po, Dec 23 2001

       this would be a major hit in the rave scene. I don't think I've seen it, but they love anything that lights up, and any kind of accessory.
adeps, May 29 2002


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