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Judge's Mood Wig

lighting up judge's wig
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A good judge will wear an elaborate wig - see pic. This attire adds gravity and spectacle to all court proceedings but tells us nothing of the judge's mood.

Without the wig in place we may expect to be able to discern quite a lot about the judge as they engage in various body language articulations, such as head scratching or even flirtatious hair flicking and twirling. What's clearly needed is for some method to enable the judge to convey their prevailing mood while the traditional wig is in place.

This surprising gap in the market is now satisfied by the wearing of a Judge's Mood Wig.

The Judge's Mood Wig looks like a regular wig, only inside its golden locks a net-work of coloured LEDs have been interwoven. Sensing the brainwaves of the judge, the lights respond accordingly. Anger will reveal itself as flashing reds, whilst a calmer more benign response may be seen as gentle patterns of yellows and blues. A manual override enables the judge to operate the wig lights manually from a simple control panel.

The number of lights present also facilitates basic typographic elements to be formed such as a question mark or an exclamation mark. Sentencing will always show up as a large flashing X that occupies most of the wig's surface.

xenzag, Jan 11 2024

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Court_dress [xenzag, Jan 11 2024]


       Are you referring to the appearance of Malcolm Shaw at the Hague International Court of Justice?
pashute, Jan 12 2024

       In the case of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), and probably many other august judicial panels, there should be incorporated in the wig a powerful constriction function that progressively warns the judge that their head is moving ever higher up into their rectum as their argument fails. Smart justices save their lives by moderating their opinions. The obstinate justices’ opinions end up on the wall with the wig, the brains, etc. This is a self-correcting, colorful method for creating responsible judges. And a spectator sport which will finally require the inclusion of cameras in every courtroom.
minoradjustments, Jan 12 2024

       The abuse of the interstate commerce clause being deemed legal for conveniences sake is the moronic decision I would aim at. I suspect the decision you take issue with is on a party platform.
Voice, Jan 12 2024


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