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mood lighting

randomly generate all the colors of the rainbow (with optional automatic fading)
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so run three ropelights around your walls--one red, one blue, one yellow.

attach each to its own fader. now you can adjust them to create whichever color you want.

additionally, you can attach them to auto-faders (such as the x10 ones at smarthome.com) and a remote. this way, at the touch of a button you can run an automatically randomly generated series of colors fading beautifully blah blah blah.

uberwear, Jul 17 2004

electric plaid http://www.expresst...tintextiles01.shtml
for wall covering etc. [xclamp, Oct 06 2004]

Use a few of these http://www.led.net/ds/rgb1004/
Full spectrum, discretely addressable LED arrays. [bristolz, Oct 06 2004]

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       check out 'electric plaid' in the (link).
xclamp, Jul 17 2004

       For lights, you need to use the additive primaries red, green and blue (RGB). Red, blue, yellow is a subtractive system used when mixing pigments. Anyway, this is baked to anyone who's been to a nightclub. Or live theater. Or a product convention.
bpilot, Jul 18 2004


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