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mp3 phrasebook

all the phrases you might want to know, at your fingertips
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Phrasebooks and language guides are very useful before you travel, and whilst you're on your trip. I'm hoping for a slight twist on these more linear learning mechanisms, with a downloadable collection of all the key phrases that you're likely to want on a trip, organised in the same sensible hierarchy as a phrasebook.
so, if you're at the market and can't make yourself understood out comes your mp3 player, you listen, repeat, and hopefully a cultural barrier or two comes down.

more downloadable sections are available depending on the nature of your trip, and you can request special phrases to be produced for the benefit of all.
"I have diabetes, do you have anything sugary?".
If you really can't make yourself understood, lend them your headphones.
neilp, Dec 08 2005

like this http://www.bbc.co.u...ges/other/quickfix/
but individual mp3 files for each phrase, in a normal phrasebook hierarchy [neilp, Dec 08 2005]




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