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Turn numbers into words.
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Its easier to remember a number if you can make it into a word. It can also be briefer. I came up with a system in which any number from 0 to 999 can be expressed with a one syllable word. Two syllables take you to 99999, and three syllables to 9999999. Each digit is represented by a vowel or a consonant. Numbers are represented by alternating consonants and vowels, e. g. 1515823 would be "kokonut. That's Quicker to say and easier to remember than "one million, five hundred and fifteen thousand, eight hundred and twenty three." The digits zero through nine are represented by the consonants; 0-l, 1-k, 2-s, 3-t, 4-ch, 5-p, 6-m, 7-f, 8-n, and 9-sh. And by the vowels; 0-ou(o in note), 1-i(i in bit or ee in beet), 2-u(u in put or oo in cool), 3-e(e in get or ai in fair), 4-ei(a in gate), 5-o(o in for), 6-oi(oy in toy), 7-a(a in far), 8-ai(i in kite), and 9-au(ow in cow).
tonybe, Dec 30 2009

Wikipedia: Mnemonic major system http://en.wikipedia...emonic_major_system
Seen this taught a few times by mentalists. [jutta, Dec 30 2009]


       There is an old system for memorizing numbers that is similar, but lets you pick the vowels freely - the numbers just map to consonants. That way, you can make up words and stories, rather than just pronunciations, and those stories are what makes most people's memory work.   for instance could turn into idlove.toamaze.our.mum, which is more memorable (but also longer) than the less meaningful, but admittedly pleasantly Hawaiian sounding, kon.kel.ei.te.
jutta, Dec 30 2009

       I have an idea. A hint: each Chinese character has a meaning, and each Chinese character has a unique way to be entered using numerical keypad on a mobile phone.
Inyuki, Dec 30 2009


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