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Pig Arabic

Cuss with every word!
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Most languages have a few swear words, but their power is deprived because so frequently they are intermingled with nonswear words (eg: "you", "the", "is going on in here").

Pig Arabic, because of its unclean nature, is comprised completely of swear words, making every sentence a curse. Pig Arabic speakers hoping for extra, extra emphasis can add a few words from Pig Hebrew, which would be doubly unclean.

bungston, Apr 16 2004


       English has thousands of swear words. Just because Americans only know two of them doesn't mean they don't exist. (I have a slang dictionary with more definitions than Chambers/Websters.)
DrCurry, Apr 16 2004

       Its different because there's no such thing as Shellfish Latin, so there would be no joke. I agree with [Bungston] on the lack of satisfying swearwords in English - they've all been diluted by too-constant use. But you don't need a new language. Just swear in Spanish, it feels great.
spacemoggy, Apr 17 2004

       Or just speak angrily in German.
kevindimie, Apr 18 2004

       Is it possible to speak any other way in German?
spacemoggy, Apr 18 2004

       I prefer to speak Cow Hindi.
AO, Apr 19 2004

       Eh, I think I'll stick with Zanzibar's last statement.   

       //Is there any other way to speak German?// Ja, hast du nicht die gluckliche deutsche Musik gehort? Zu viele leute denken nur wie Hitler hat gesprochen an. :(   

       -Der Albino Fuchs
Albino Fox, Jul 28 2004

       This idea isn't racist, I think lots of people of Muslim or Jewish persuasions would find Pig Arabic or Pig Hebrew funny.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 28 2004

       Those cultures find Pigs unclean, so "Pig (language)" would be unclean as well...   

       So how is that racism? It's not like bungston is teasing these people for depriving themselves of bacon.
WordUp, Aug 04 2004

       Racism, schmasism. Everything is racism these days. Cut the horse pucky! Sometimes humor is just humor. People need to quit LOOKING SO HARD for racism. The only race I hate is the Canadian race. They just look so evil and suspicious.
bobad, Aug 04 2004

       Sorry racism is racism. [m-f-d] Tasteless Nazi joke
PainOCommonSense, Aug 04 2004

zigness, Aug 04 2004

       Nazi?! Sheesh!
bungston, Aug 04 2004

       //Canadian race//   

RayfordSteele, Aug 04 2004

       //tasteless nazi joke//
Not the idea, surely? Are you referring to what [Der Albino Fuchs] said? According to Babel Fish, his anno means:
"Yes, you have not the gluckliche German music going place? Too many people think only like Hitler wear spoken."
Can anyone improve on this translation?
spacemoggy, Aug 05 2004

       I think it's something along the lines of:   

       "Yes, have you never had the fortune of hearing the music of german? Too many people think it's spoken like Hitler"   

       Not sure that's right, but it makes some sense considering the context.
zen_tom, Aug 05 2004

       Having done German for 7 years at school I'm fairly confident in my translation-   

       'Yeah, haven't you heard that cheerful german music? Too many people think only of the way Hitler spoke.'   

       By 'cheerful german music' he/she's obviously not referring to Rammstein :D Maybe 'Maenner sind Schweine'?
squigbobble, Apr 23 2005


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