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multi-use car loan

a car loan and a credit card linked up
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I've heard it said that its sometimes easier to get a car loan than to get the money to repair your current one.

I was thinking, why not have a line of credit that uses you car as collateral just for things for your car.

For instance, when you need to bring the car in to get new tires or regular maintenance or minor or major repairs, you put the charge on a linked credit card. If the charge is on the list of approved items, at the end of the month it gets tacked on to the car loan. If not, then it just becomes like any charge on a credit card.

You could even throw in the points programs that some car credit cards have, where the points can be put towards a new purchase on a car.

I think this could be a win-win. If people maintained a certain brand of car better, then it would get a better reputation and better sales.

I think people put off maintaining cars because of finances and then the problem sometimes becomes much bigger. This could solve that problem, and lead to better maintained cars on the road.

talldave, May 06 2008


       The problem is the value of the car decreases steadily. If the car needs brakes and you park it as a consequence, it's better for your bank than if they give you the money to keep depreciating the value of the car (against which they just lent you more money). You're essentially driving down the value of the collateral you're borrowing against (pun not intended).
phoenix, May 06 2008


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