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mag-lev smart car

mag-lev technology combined with the commuter car
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This design is to fit a smart car, chevy volt or focus with mag lev magnets underneath and rollers similiar to a rollercoaster attached near the corner cabin supports of the vehicle. install an electromagnet in the front and back. When traveling at specified velocity undercarriage magnets would supply power for charging onboard personal effects and batteries for drive motors. human/ computer interface would occur before and during commute. Instead of using roads and having stop lights, construct a tube like structure from recycled aluminum and plastics. inside of this tube the assembly will operate in a fashion similiar to a subway train utilizing a mag-lev propulsion system. The front/rear mount electromagnets will connect vehicles similiar to a rollercoaster yet allowing them to travel at extraordinary speeds without disconnecting. Long commutes as well as accidents would drastically be decreased. Commuting could be made with nearly zero emissions. An initiation sequence and destination would have to be entered prior to the vehicle loading into the railway. During the extent of the commute work could be performed inside of the cabin or sleeping in personal security could occur. At the ends of the rail systems the vehicle would come to an off ramp where gps computer interface would manage the vehicle on a specified route inside of a small station like area where human control could resume; enabling the commute to proceed manually. Due to the minimal weight involved, bridges and overpasses would be of minimal construction and would be privatized. Cross country, and city to city commutes could be made inexpensively, non stop and with relative ease. The privatization of this technology could easily be combined with technology currently existing and allow for further investment by rental companies and zip-car associated companies.

Sorry for the rough draft. I did not realize this blog was particular on the grammar, although I realize I did need to describe with better effort.

slothman, Nov 20 2008


       but who is driving the damn thing?
williamsmatt, Nov 20 2008

       Disappointed. I read this as a maglev smart card, and clicked on the link with visions of a chipped card magnetically levitating above a non-contact reader.   

       Why? To prevent the spread of communicable deceases, such as viruses and show on.
neelandan, Nov 20 2008

       //without stop lights and blazing speeds//   

       capitals and punctuation to
neelandan, Nov 20 2008

pashute, Jul 01 2010


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