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never ending pockets

deep deep pockets
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deep pockets have 2 pluses.

1. as your money is probably feet away from your hands, (hah) then you would be restrained from those moments of madness in the shops - you will have time to think carefully about your purchases.

2. you can scratch anywhere without drawing attention to yourself and you can keep your hands warm by inserting them in any other warm part of your anatomy that you wish.

oh, that's 3 pluses...

po, Feb 07 2009

Re: "Cue Limahl" http://www.youtube....watch?v=3khTntOxX-k
[jutta, Feb 08 2009]

directions for making your pockets deeper... http://www.longbeac..._08_01_archive.html
[xandram, Feb 09 2009]


       Much harder for pickpockets to get into, as well.
MechE, Feb 07 2009

       Who couldn't use deeper pockets?   

       Nudists, excluding marsupial nudists.
Laughs Last, Feb 07 2009

       These deep pockets should end in gloves, to facilitate actions as described.
bungston, Feb 07 2009

       A real never ending pocket would not have a bottom at all. That would be even more effective in restraining one from impulse purchases, and it would also end the annoyance of having too much bulky change in your pocket. As an added benefit, you'd never have to check your pockets-- you'd *know* they were empty.
colorclocks, Feb 07 2009

       Those aren't endless, just bottomless.
Spacecoyote, Feb 08 2009

       hah, you remind me. I once kept losing tweezers and nailclippers - buying more every month.   

       I was complaining to my friend about this when I discovered a hole in the lining of my handbag - 6 tweezers, a few clippers, a couple of lipsticks, a pair of scissors, pens, eyeliners... well you get the picture.
po, Feb 08 2009

       This can go wrong: I had pockets that went to the knees, and accidentally knelt on my phone. :(
theicychameleon, Feb 08 2009

       Cue Limahl:   

       "Neverending pockets! Ahahah ahahah ahahah..."
wagster, Feb 08 2009

       Mobius pockets? Klein bottle pockets? Either way, not that hard to sew - just have them loop back up on themselves (according to the style of clothing, necessarily).
shapu, Feb 09 2009

       Pockets are usually made of second rate material. But the pocket openings are the nice material of the rest of the outer garment. I propose a mass pocket salvage program with po's pocket suit a patchwork of salvaged pockets.
bungston, Feb 09 2009

       Terry Nutkins could keep otters in his.
zen_tom, Feb 10 2009

       Who? Otters? What?   

       Why I otter...
wagster, Feb 10 2009

       Terry Nutkins presented (with Jonny Morris) the childrens tv show, Animal Magic (not to mention The Really Wild Show - with the lovely Michaela Strachan) - and was well known for keeping (and being very well versed upon the general habits of) otters (or was it seals?) anyway - were he to keep these particular creatures in his pockets, it stands to reason that they'd (over time) become more than slightly damp (reflecting the otter's preferred habitat and outdoor activities i.e. swimming and that) correspondingly, the euphemism "wetter than an otter's pockets" might take on a new and more literal meaning in this particular instance.
zen_tom, Feb 11 2009


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