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flasher style remote pocket reveal
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This is a pocket mechanism for one of those long black overcoats.

I enjoy my long black overcoat as it makes me look like I professional who knows what he is doing. It really is amazing, I mean, you all know me and I am no stand up professional but throw one of these bad boys on and alacazam, you inherit 40 thousand years of paternalism.

The one bad thing about these long black overcoats is that, when you have to get something in your right front pants pocket, you have to reach for the coat flap to expose your pants pocket and in so doing you commit a big gesture faux pas which is that you tell everyone with your gesture that you are reaching for your private parts.

The combination of the tall dark starkness of your awesome false persona that you have established by wearing the coat, and the rediculousness of a quick definitive gesture toward your private parts is pretty funny, but here is a way to avoid it.

Tie a string inside the coat that goes from the left hand pocket, around the back of the coat to the right coat flap in front, so when you have to open the coat flap you no longer have to reach with your right hand but can now surrepticiously reach your left hand into your coat pocket and then mysteriously, your right coat flap will open exposing your right pants pocket so that you can then self satisfyedly reach your right hand into your right pants pocket, remove what you need and then let the string go closing the curtain.

This technology can of course also be misused by flashers, thus the name.

JesusHChrist, Jan 07 2017


       I don't understand this at all.   

       Either you've run out of whatever pills you were taking; or you've got a new supply of the pills you were meant to be taking; or there's two of you.   

       Which is it?   

       ([-] anyway, just for old times' sake.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2017

       I understand it. [+-]
Voice, Jan 07 2017

       So as long as your pills are in your right-hand pocket, you're good.   

       This would never work for me, as my long black overcoat has access slits just inside the pocket flaps allowing me to reach my pants pockets without string.   

whatrock, Jan 08 2017

       I imagine flashers suffer from the cold. frostbitten bits! ouch. I am reminded somewhat of the childhood indignity of having my mittens attached to each other by string passed through my sleeves to avoid the loss of one or both.
po, Jan 08 2017

       can't quite imagine Jesus as a fornicator but that's just me.
po, Jan 08 2017

       Didn't he do a lot of begetting in the bible?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 08 2017

       Long Black (Leather) Overcoat = system for concealing MAC-10.
8th of 7, Jan 08 2017

       Drawstrings at neck level; don't get them mixed up with the ones for the hood.
FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2017

       // Long Black (Leather) Overcoat = system for concealing MAC-10. //   

       Or a katana.
There can be only one...

       // Long Black (Leather) Overcoat = system for concealing MAC-10. //   

       The voice of experience?
whatrock, Jan 08 2017

       [HIS] beggeting is debatable.
po, Jan 09 2017

       Wait - [HE] has an account here? Jesus! If I'd known I'd have watched my language a bit more. [HE] doesn't post much though, does [HE]?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 10 2017


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