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Microfibre pocket

A pants pocket that cleans and polishes
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Useful for cellphones, mp3 players, and other shiny objects.
FishFinger, Apr 03 2008



       welcome (back).   

po, Apr 03 2008

       Okay, but people are going to wonder why you spend so much time fiddling with things in there.
phoenix, Apr 03 2008

       "other shiny objects"...
DrCurry, Apr 03 2008

       ...such as CDs (I'm quite pleased with myself because I recently managed to get an expensive, heavily scratched DVD working again by carefully polishing out the scratches with metal polish and the polishing attachment on my Dremel).
hippo, Apr 03 2008

       dremel? flipping heck.
po, Apr 03 2008

       Yeah, overkill. Just a vigorous going over with a bit of your shirt normally does the job. An initial stage of denim polishing can be employed for cases of serious damage. It's only polycarb you're polishing, hardness ~75 Rockwell M.
Texticle, Apr 03 2008

       "My coins have never been shinier!"
Noexit, Apr 04 2008

       + and please add a smaller pocket within for my jewelry.
xandram, Apr 04 2008

po, Apr 04 2008

       Because it's there.
baconbrain, Apr 04 2008

       I use these all the time to clean glass after installing it in it's various forms.   

       Anything that touches it, lint, srtring, leaves, etc. tangles and sticks like a mixture of of plant type burrs and velcro.   

       It also has an extremely abrasive feel and sticks to the tiniest imperfections in your skin.   

       The act of removing your hand from your pocket would likely invert it, giving an inner pocket exposee/emptying.   

Giblet, Apr 04 2008

       Hmm - didn't think of that [Giblet]. Perhaps the corners of the pocket could be secured/sewn down in some way, to prevent an embarrassing inversion.
FishFinger, Apr 07 2008

       Just wear corduroy trousers inside-out for a shiny bottom.
marklar, Apr 07 2008

       Hate to add another problem, but these tiny fibres come loose over time, and due to their exremely small nature, work their way into electonics, getting behind glass and in front of the screen on cell phones, the same way the dust you are trying to prevent does.
Giblet, Apr 09 2008

       Damn. I thought the stuff was supposed to be lint free, but I'll take your word for it.   

       I guess I'd really have to build such a pocket and test it to see if the extra shine is worth the bother.
FishFinger, Apr 09 2008

       One of the tricks I use to while away the time on deployment is polish rocks in my pocket. I'd have your MicroFibre Pockets, drawbacks and all.   

       <polishes croissant> Here you go.
MikeD, Apr 09 2008

       Maybe looking into the kind of silk they use for glasses wipes.   

       The silk fibres run the length of the material, and dont come off in little 1mm pieces, and it's ability to polish smooth objects isn't too far off.   

       Wipe a mirror clean, use a razor blade to get one section perfectly clean, and wipe a MF cloth on it to see what I mean.   

       I feel like such a negative nilly.
Giblet, Apr 10 2008


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