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new money

same color different faces
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Cash sort of looks outdated with the dead presidents. I say we should put pictures of pretty women on money. The one dollar bill should show some calendar biker babe. As the value gets higher, the girl pictured is prettier and she's wearing less. So on the famed $10,000 bill it should show someone like Heidy Klum wearing nothing at all. No more checks or credit cards.
fleasting, Jul 03 2000

J. S. G. Boggs http://www.amazon.c...os/ASIN/0226893952/
Probably the guy Ander mentions. [rmutt, Jul 03 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Why so sexist? Can't women have attractive money too? Make my one hundred dollar bill John Travolta!
rebelle, Jul 03 2000

       What? John Revolting and his Thespian disease from the Hubbard Institute of lower IQ? No way, you couldn't use that banknote for toilet paper. I must agree however that US notes are rather uniform, boring and overall <yawn>, beside being the same size.
jetckalz, Jul 13 2000

       Funny you should mention that idea. Just the other day, a guy up here in Ontario was arrested for passing a phony $20 bill with a picture of Cindy Crawford on it instead of the queen. I'm not making this up.
Ander, Jul 26 2000

       One side can have a bloke, the other a bird. One would fold your money according to sexual preference.
liamdelahunty, Feb 22 2003

       This idea is thoroughly baked, some countries have living people on all their money and not just kings and queens either.
KiwiJohn, Dec 06 2003

       The "Famed $10 000 bill" is not even the largest denomination in US currency. That honor is held by the $100 000 note, featuring Woodrow Wilson.
Alx_xlA, Jan 26 2009


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