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new room under sun

any unnatural, artifcial material made into a box would create a new enviroment
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Thinking about superconductors, I was wondering whether a truly earthly room temperature material is impossible for the universe.

What if you can bootstrap this material by using ever increasing environments that get closer and closer to an environment unseen by the universe.

Like any cell, inside will have a differential to the external environment. So why not make the next generation of superconductors inside the previous. Inside a superconductor the magnetic and electronic properties would be starting to get away from the known universe.

Of course this is all high altitude blue sky speculation because of how hard would it be to make reaction, and forging chambers out of working superconducting materials.

wjt, Nov 21 2015


       // an environment unseen by the universe //   

       That means an Event Horizon, which makes things kind of awkward ...
8th of 7, Nov 21 2015

       Err, if it was superconductive would it not conduct outside conditions in the case of electrons and those pesky phlogistons into the box?   

       Seems more like a super-non-conductor is needed. (narrowly avoids Portsmouth symphonia joke).
not_morrison_rm, Nov 21 2015

       [Bigsleep] Yes, if it helps material science achieve a proper room temperature superconductor.   

       [8th of 7] qualifier - before.   

       Superconduction is a rare state and must generate an equally rare environment. Anything manufactured in this environment that retains and amplifies or, as [not_morrison_rm] points out, negates the ability will be even rarer.   

       Using recursion, ultimately there would a material and its environment made that passes the "everything under the sun" invent horizon.
wjt, Nov 22 2015

       I always find it worrying when people agree with me.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 22 2015

       The things said from the jest.
wjt, Nov 23 2015


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