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night golf

play golf in the dark
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I like golf a lot. I could, however, do without the crowds, the sun, and the hardship of looking for lost golf balls. Here is a simple solution which utilizes technology we have ready access to that will make this a reality.

Start with the obvious - night vision goggles for the players. In order to see the important things, like the golf ball, the boundaries and the flag, a glow in the dark spray would be used on all of those. The golf course itself would have to be far away from the city lights and even roads. That's all.

Besides the practicality of doubling the revenue of the golf course, how cool would it be to smash golf balls around Navy SEAL style in the middle of the night?

fleasting, May 10 2001

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       Waugsqueke, the Frankengrass companies would be happy - rich golf clubs buying their products. That would pay for that expensive research, mostly the CEO's new Porche and the salaries of the foreign PhD researchers, Dr Glo Mee and Dr Bio Nono.   

       Plant Frankengrass along streets and freeeways and we would save million$ on electric lighting. A solution to the "energy crisis"?
jetckalz, May 10 2001

       Ive made my own driving range at night. Me and a mate decide to drive golf balls into the sea and tried to judge the distance by waiting for the 'splosh'. Its a bit difficult to hit the ball in the dark, especially when your piss*d up. Good fun though.
ginge, Jul 27 2001

       This has already been done, I have played night golf many times before. The golfball is clear and a green glowing stick is inserted into the centre. It's heaps of fun just watch out for those bunkers there impossible to see in the dark.
Athena, May 04 2004

       This is very baked in South Africa (according to my dad), only with bloody great floodlights and no night vision goggles.
Not sure how original that makes your idea though...
I'm gonna go (-) unless you can elaborate a little more.
MikeOliver, May 04 2004

       baked: there are numerous all night illuminated golf courses in Japan. the game is so hugely popular, and Japan is so limited in terms of land that some golf courses have 12 month waiting lists to play a round, so all night flood courses have been opened to meet the need.
etherman, May 05 2004

       I am going to try playing at night with NVG's and glow paint for the balls. You would need two people - one to hit, and one to be a spotter. Reading greens may be tough, but this may be possible with the NVG's. With no visual distractions, night golf would hone your swing and concentration - all you can do is focus on the ball and make your best swing.
bkokoski, Jul 03 2008


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