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no more streaks

standard coloring for men's underwear
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i propose all men's underwear be either rust colored,browned-olive or mud colored. perhaps sell them in three packs of these assorted colors. this would all but eliminate the embarrassing streaking common in most male undergarments. i believe the military already does this.

sorry, i have to add, women's come in brick red. god, i'm sorry. children's come in canary yellow...better yet black.

trav2, Jul 25 2001

"40 percent of French men, and 25 percent of women, don't change their underwear daily." http://detnews.com/...812/17/12170103.htm
Trav, are you, by any chance, ..., French? [rmutt, Jul 25 2001]


       "common in most male undergarments"   

       I don't think so. Maybe for some bubba-types (sorry UnaBubba) who wear their underwear for 2 weeks and think toilet paper is for sissies.   

       There may be some statistically significant difference between gay and straight males. Most gay men are rather "anal" about butt cleanliness.
quarterbaker, Jul 25 2001

       I rarely find cause to paraphrase Tennesee Tuxedo, but in this case am compelled to observe, "Mr. Sealy, you've done it again!"
The Military, Jul 28 2001

Susen, Jul 28 2001

       Baked, baked, and baked! I have personally seen, but not bought, camouflage-coloured (how appropriate!) boxer shorts at the local (fill-in-the-blank)Mart. And a net search revealed dozens (if not hundreds) of sellers of camo briefs (who'd wear silk mini-briefs????), camo thermal underwear, and even women's camo lingerie.   

       The only other comment I will make is to suggest you do your laundry in a washing machine, not on a rock in the river.
Canuck, Jul 28 2001

       Boxers or nothing at all
thumbwax, Jul 31 2001

       Rotor or fixed-wing?
The Military, Jul 31 2001

       I was going to give this a croissant for unsavory-ness, but then I remembered I haven't left a skid mark in my drawers since I was 4.   

       Sorry [trav2]. Maybe next time.   

       [Susen]: MITINTK?
phoenix, Jul 31 2001


       for the sake of everyone, get some friggin hygine!
pixel, Aug 01 2001

       sorry, a phrase we use often here is the answer:   

       "More information than I needed to know"   

       IOW (in other words), men have more "issues" than I care to know about. Please don't feel you have to share so much [trav2]....
Susen, Aug 01 2001

       [trav2]: Just how many men's underpants have you been checking out? Actually, forget that, I REALLY don't want to know.
CoolerKing, Aug 02 2001

       That's exactly why I recommend mink fur lined undewear....excellent camo for skid marks.
Blisterbob, Mar 20 2007


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