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Mama Bear's Bed

So soft and comfortable it's unbearable
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Now everyone knows the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Blonde brat picks everything that's "just right", wrecks house and runs. But why does she pick everything that's just right? Sure everyone doesn't want to wait for porridge to cool or have to re-heat it, and there are some things that are too hard, but how can something be too soft? Nothing is too soft. I think they should come out with a line of beds called "Mama Bear's Beds" with goose feather pillows, silk and satin sheets, and a no spring cotton-filled mattress, and see if someone says it's "too soft". I bet you they wouldn't. Because they'd be too busy sleeping.
jjbabygurl, Sep 26 2005


       a bed needs a certain firmness otherwise it will hurt your back. Mama Bear requires extra softness because of her girth. Goldilocks being a waif like character would easily get lost in such a nest. Your idea would only be marketable to fat bears or those who resemble them.   

       also the japanese market would probably be the first to tell you how hard they like it in bed.
benfrost, Sep 26 2005

       well then I will make the bed for pregnant women and overweight people, okay?
jjbabygurl, Mar 21 2006

       I'd like to try this.   

       My body complains instantly when I lie on something it doesn't like, and so I think that a suitably puffy resting place would, in fact, be unbearable.   

       But I'm not sure and now I'm curious.
Darkelfan, Mar 21 2006

       //also the japanese market would probably be the first to tell you how hard they like it in bed.//   

       Need to spend more time with the Japanese.
Braindead, Mar 21 2006


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