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non-stopping train

but it does slow down
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Lets face it: starting and stopping the metro trains all the time is pointless. wouldn't it be much better if we did not have to do this this? i think so.

So how about we slow down the train at each station instead. Then there are slidewalks at the station going at the same spped as the train at the edge of the platform. then as you go towards the centre (or side facing away form trains if its a side platform).

FireElf, Jun 09 2006

Patent 3,727,558 (search PN/3727558) April 17,1973 http://patft.uspto....27558&RS=PN/3727558

The moving sidewalk train The_20moving_20sidewalk_20train
[jutta, Jun 24 2006]


       ...but at least you know your on the right track.   

       Scuffed knees. "ouch!"
skinflaps, Jun 10 2006

       >> [marked–for-deletion] redundant<<   

       look. i'm new here. and this idea is a little different from those you link to.
FireElf, Jun 10 2006

       I agree this is different.   

       More simple.   

       I once saw the patent application for a system in a loop that never stops, (theme ride) and then this year actually rode in one. See link
pashute, Jun 12 2006

       Specifically, the difference between this idea and the others is that this idea involves a "people mover" style sidewalk, whereas the other ideas involve other trains or encapsulated compartments.   

       However, the elements of pluterday's 2003 post "The moving sidewalk train" that I understand overlap with this.
jutta, Jun 24 2006

       I love the thought that, by standing still on the sidewalks, I could prevent anyone else leaving the train, then leave at the last possible moment while fuming masses disappear into the tunnel.
david_scothern, Jul 18 2006


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