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Community website
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This is an idea for a website which uses your exact family placement (only child, middle child in three, youngest of seven, three times divorced mother, etc.) as a criterion for matching you with others in a profile based social network. The idea is that this placement is a remarkable factor in living, and people would benefit from sharing their exepriences in regard to it.
daseva, May 06 2007


       for dating or what?
po, May 06 2007

       The types of relationships you describe would be allowed, [po].
daseva, May 06 2007

       [+] As a middle child I find myself very reflective on what it is to be a child placed in a lineage of siblings. I find myself really able to connect to other middle siblings the best. In fact my most productive relationships have always reflected as much. I also find this kinship in other lefties.
ColonelMuffins, May 07 2007

       [-] As an only child I find the whole idea of social networks distasteful.
jutta, May 07 2007

       [jutta] I think you may have helped define the point.
ColonelMuffins, May 07 2007

danman, May 14 2009

       I always liked to think that someone, somewhere was exactly like me and has my situation, or that someone, somewhere is doing X.
devnull, May 14 2009


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