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Stinky car alarm

steal car, smell of eggs
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Taking my idea from <Link. --SC> why not have a car alarm that when an intruder brakes into the car it releases a smell of rotten eggs. This should hopefully make the guy run away, but also police dogs will be able to trace the guy easier by his smell.


jons, Apr 03 2001

Jons's link as a link. http://www.halfbakery.com/user/cheebug
[StarChaser, Feb 25 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think the ratio of car false-alarms to legit ones is probably 100 to 1 or worse, so I'll pass on this one, thanks.
ctwomey, Apr 03 2001

       oh. I get it now. Cursed misreads; I thought this was an idea for an alarm that would trip when my car were in the vicinity...
absterge, Apr 03 2001

       This would probably constitute a nuisance in most jurisdictions, as scent doesn't "shut off" the way sound does.
bookworm, Apr 04 2001

       thank you for taking your time to coment on my great idea.
jons, Apr 04 2001

       Those useless noise car alarms are annoying enough as it is. One that stank would quickly be burned to the ground...
StarChaser, Apr 04 2001

       Why don't car alrams kill people? Thats the way it should be. Then people would say "Guns don't kill poeple, Car alarms do"   

MothaCuss, Apr 04 2001

       If it were a skunkish smelling egg-stench it would be even better! Except there would need to be provisions so that accidental trips of the alarm would'nt occur.
Skunkie, May 23 2001

       Wait-- my car got broken into-- and now it smells like rotten eggs? This benefits me how?
ejs, May 23 2001

       look it was a half baked idea, it was supposed to be a crap idea, thats the whole idea of this site. All you frustrated inventors should get a grip and realise (yes that is spelt right) that all the best inventions are british
jons, Jun 03 2001

       Uh, no. It's not supposed to be a crap idea. The internet is FULL of crap ideas. The Halfbakery is for good, if oddball, ideas.
StarChaser, Jun 03 2001

       Hear, hear. I don't post "crap ideas" here as a matter of principle--an attempt to lead by non-example. Who's going to find and build my weekly alarm clock or my wireless subway-car map if they have to wade through seas of custard?
bookworm, Jun 04 2001

       I post crap ideas... Turning a muffler into a phonograph stylus???? Osama bin Laden gasoline? Self Destructing car? I don't care if people hate my ideas, I just want people talking and making jokes about it.
Amishman35, Dec 17 2001

       Posting crap ideas is a bad thing. It clogs up the .5Bakery with, well, crap. There are lots of places for people to make jokes about things.
StarChaser, Dec 17 2001

       "I am standing neck deep in the halfbakery, adding to its contents"   

       Say it, Amish. Feel free to substitute words wherever appropriate.
neelandan, Dec 18 2001

       This idea is actaully not that stupid as you guys make out if you look into it a bit more.   

       You've all seen the tracker systems used to trace stolen cars... surely you could wire the sceant generator into the tracker system. The theives would have little choice but to pull over and they would great difficulty selling the car to an unsuspecting buyer.   

       Once the car is recovered the unit could be switched off and the car left to stand for a couple of days while the smell goes.   

       The only bad point I could see about this is that it would give away to the theives that the vehicle has a tracker fitted, but then, most of them have stickers on the windows anyways.
CasaLoco, Feb 26 2002

       get out more you'll not know yourself! who am I?
michelle egg, Mar 13 2003


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