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obscene X-ray goggles

For looking into places one isn't permitted to look into, or at least for imagining that one is doing so.
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This device would consist of the following components:

A wearable normal-light camera (A), a set of goggles with LED screens in them (B), a wearable computer(C), software(D), and a battery.

With the device turned "off" ("off" is data collection only mode), B would only show a direct feed from the camera. With the device turned "on", B would show output from the computer. The output would be generated thusly:
A would pass visual information to C, which would use D to determine the likely dimensions of buildings around the wearer. D would look only at the outline of things that seem like buildings (large rectangular planes that are connected) to try to learn which surrounding items are buildings. This technology has been in use for many years. D would randomly generate a virtual environment for each building, from a hundred or so templates including "locker room" "bathroom" "swimming pool" "bedroom" and so forth. The user could select a particular setting for a particular building if so desired. D would fill the virtual environment with CAD-created virtual people for the user to letch upon. Please don't hurt me...
Voice, Sep 03 2008


       VR with the illusion of purpose?
phoenix, Sep 03 2008

       Virtually useful
Ling, Sep 03 2008


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