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Remote Control

Cellphone TV remote control
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Rather than looking for that misplaced the Tv Remote control, use the infrared interface (available on some cell phones) to change channels. Often, the cellphone is right on your hip --making it much easier to find than trying to follow your 2yr old around the house, hoping you'll be lead to the misplaced remote control.
chjaway, Nov 13 2002

(?) Nokia & Matsushita (aka Panasonic) teaming up http://news.com.com...213.html?tag=fd_top
It appears they intend to bake, among other things, just what you want [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       This is sort of Baked by a number of PDAs with integrated cellphones with IRDA ports - you just need the right app to drive the PCM codes out to the device.   

       However, I would very much like to see this integrated into standard line handsets - it's sooo easy to do - better use of FLASH than filling it with stupid kiddie games and annoying ringtones - so I will award this idea croissant. The remote feature could be either the "learning" type, or the code-driven type, or you could download code tables. Any way would do.
8th of 7, Nov 13 2002

       No more lost remotes, just dial the number...   

       I like it.   

       Could you have a set top thingy so the tv can be controlled by any of the family's phones?
egbert, Nov 13 2002

       a tellyphone.
bristolz, Nov 13 2002

       That's alright Rods. You'll just have to walk over to the tv and point RIGHT at it.
General Washington, Nov 13 2002

       How does the laundry operation deal with shipping and receiving?
LoriZ, Nov 14 2002

       It's the internet; download your laundry.
snarfyguy, Nov 18 2002

       Aw come on everyone's rich here, what are you saying you only have ONE tv per room?
Admiral Hackbar, Nov 18 2002

       Finding your remote would be much easier, just dial your phone and listen for the ring! I...want...my.....I...want...my...cellphone remote. This is not a half baked idea, the half baked idea is to put IrDA ports in phones/PDA which only transmit 3 feet...Duh!
rjacobsen, Jun 12 2003

       [chjaway] created their account, posted this idea, then lost both the remote AND their phone, and was never heard from again.
normzone, Nov 27 2017


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