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old-timers wisdom.com

giving some respect to the elderly
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A phenomenon is approaching in northern Europe... a social problem called The Grey Bomb. It means that the number of old folks will soar in the coming years as the baby boomers retire and advanced medical technology progress. It's going to cost a lot of tax money to have all those geezers around.. we need either immigrants or more children. But it would also be nice if the elderly could earn some money. Old people have something very valuable: experience (but sadly, in todays society, few people listen to them).

I suggest a massive database, wikipedia style. Retired people fill it with the stories of hundreds of thousands of family, job and technical problems and how they solved them. Other people can search the database, (with a good search engine) ask the authors for advice (the answers then goes into the archive), maybe even hire them as freelance consultants

undercover_neandertal, Oct 15 2004

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       Why, back in my day I had to type in the URL by hand, uphill, both ways, in the snow.   

       Anyway, what is the business model? How would this, in financial terms, help to defuse the grey bomb?
bristolz, Oct 16 2004

       I think it's meant to make them feel useful.
DrCurry, Oct 16 2004

       Some people think the oldies will spend a lot of their savings and pensions, defusing the Grey/Bald bomb.
FarmerJohn, Oct 16 2004

       The bomb's already struck here.
RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2004

       A bald bomb? So *that's* what my problem is - terrorists!
DrCurry, Oct 16 2004

       grass does not grow on busy streets...
po, Oct 16 2004


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