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open annotate

If marked, an annotation can be edited /deleted by anyone
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I like music, songs, very few don't but I'm not that musical. If I have an attempt at a song I know it could be altered by those whom have the skills.

I suggest an open edit for an annotation. Post the song,poem or text and any Halfbaker can add their sense to tinker and sculpture the rough into the beautiful.

Hopefully the Halfbakery innards would make this easy to implement, if other Bakers thought it worthy. This ultimately would be a decision/calculation for esteemed Bakesperson.

Sometimes people have the idea but not really the skill to realise that idea elegantly into the world.

wjt, Mar 16 2018

Link_20letters [normzone, Mar 20 2018]


       [bigsleep] Usually my imagination outweighs my practical ability and commitment/investiment in practise of the current idiom. Maybe that means I haven't found it yet.
wjt, Mar 17 2018

       [wjt] If I say I love all your ideas just the way they are, I must be wrong, because it means I also love this idea, which means I don’t love your ideas as they are, I want to edit your ideas to oblivion.. (sounds a bit recursive) . If I hate your ideas and want to edit them all to hell, that goes for this one too.. oh dear where will it end?
DDRopDeadly, Mar 17 2018

       That's why I'd only place the difficult bits in the special annotation for the recursive treatment.   

       Isn't that the way of investigation/research?
wjt, Mar 20 2018

       Stack Exchange has basically this, and Quora has something similar in the form of "community wiki" answers.
notexactly, Mar 25 2018


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