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no neutral

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I'd like to see what would happen if people could only vote for or against halfbakery ideas.
shinobi, Jan 24 2006

Neutral Vote Neutral_20Vote
My earlier request for an additional state in the voting. [st3f, Jan 24 2006]


       As far as I am aware, what you are asking for is already the status quo. People can only vote 'for' or 'against' halfbakery ideas. There is no 'neutral' vote. You can choose *not* to vote but that is not the same thing. (as far as I am aware, the 'neutral' button simply removes your earlier positive or negative vote.)   

       ...unless you are looking to force people to vote. What would you do to force them? Chain them to their keyboards until they vote?
st3f, Jan 24 2006


       Chains, my bakers got me locked up in chains
And they ain't the kind
that you can see
Woh, it's chains of love
got a hold on me, yeah
po, Jan 24 2006

       So far everyone feels emphatically neutral about this idea.
hippo, Jan 24 2006

       What happens if we dip this one in a alkaline solution?
skinflaps, Jan 24 2006

       Momentary confusion: for a seecond or so I thought you meant if people could *only* vote for or against halfbakery ideas. My first thought: who's going to do my shopping for me?
moomintroll, Jan 24 2006

       //I'd like to see what would happen if people could only vote for or against halfbakery ideas//   

       Like, no annotations, either? 'Twould certainly save some time ;)
yamahito, Jan 24 2006

       So no 'unvote' button then? Sorry [shinobi], [-].   

       <changes mind>
wagster, Jan 24 2006

       I'm neutral on this one...
Minimal, Jan 24 2006

       I don't care either way.
xandram, Jan 24 2006

       What vote position would be the default or pre-condition?
bristolz, Jan 24 2006

       Who cares?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 24 2006

       Maybe you have to vote before you can see the idea.
lurch, Jan 24 2006

       Yes! That's it!
bristolz, Jan 24 2006


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