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No More Pointless Bickering

What the title says
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All too often our debates on ideas in here turn into pointless arguments about how bad the UK and the US don't get along. (example for demonstration purposes) Idea: Something about Colors. Annotations: Someone from the UK mentions something about "colours." Someone from the US says "brits are stupid and can't spell." British guy says "Americans are stupider" then claims they invented the language start to finish and, therefore, must be right. The remaining 800 annotations involve both sides claiming to be right. ANYWAY, my idea is why don't we ignore the cultural spelling differences (oh, and word meanings) and accept the fact that color and colour are the same thing, pants in America are trousers (thanks arghblah) in England, and a baboon could easily kill you.
added later-- Here's a secondary idea: If anyone deems it totally necessary to argue in another category, link this idea and send them here to bicker. That way all the other ones won't get so cluttered.
AfroAssault, Apr 27 2001

Case in point http://www.halfbake...issolving_20pajamas
the latter annotations are the ones I'm talking about [AfroAssault, Apr 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

The Last Word http://www.halfbake...a/The_20Last_20Word
Absterge's end to pointless bickering. [iuvare, Apr 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       In America, pants = slacks ... don't you mean underpants in America = knickers in Britain? Or am I just attempting to start more pointless bickering?
arghblah, Apr 27 2001

       A 'skeeter' in one place is a 'mozzie' in other places- both refer to mosquito. No need to import or export malaria wherever we may be. The IQ here is above average-the wit is dry- tolerance level ...is ... well...
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       waug- after reading your annotation I added a second part to the idea, we can bicker here!!!
AfroAssault, Apr 27 2001

       OK smarty pants know-it-all waugsqueke
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       you damn waugsquekes and your stupid arguments! Hey, this really is fun!
AfroAssault, Apr 27 2001

       Bickering always has a point, you numbskull AfroAssault. Your title sucks. Change it now. And use the American spelling.
globaltourniquet, Apr 27 2001

       No, you muddy funster, it should obviously be "Know More Pointless Bickering." But I have an even better idea... how about if you want to respond to a bickerous(?) comment, it's perfectly fine to do so, but you have to do it as an annotation to a totally different idea than the original comment appeared in. I think that's a great idea. Jerks.
PotatoStew, Apr 27 2001

       With all the ideas about bombing America, why not bomb Britain? Gawd, I love being Passive/Aggressive
thumbwax, Apr 27 2001

       Bickering, confrontation is fun! The adrenalin fixes my bad moods, fixes my asthma. Let's have fun, you yellow-bellied coward!   

       I don't need god/ religion, when we fight. I have a purpose - to defeat you. War is such fun. Crime (or Crime-fighting) is such fun!
gz, Apr 27 2001

       Up with America! Down with Avon brand Simply Vanilla Hand and Body Lotion!
AfroAssault, Apr 28 2001

       lordhelpus....what idiots. Foxhunting is the best sport in the world, the only good breed of dogs are Jack Russells, people shouldn't hide behind screennames, and I hate alcohol related ideas.... Furthermore, I'm damn tired of all the 1/2B computer ideas just because I don't understand them and I don't care. Also, I hate suggestions about how to change/improve the 1/2 B. I like it the way it is (with the exception that we should be able to annotate other halfbakers' profile page for fun). Also, custard isn't that good, cheescake is much better. Now, get over yourselves.
Susen, Apr 28 2001

       [custard isn't that good] But it's the structural qualities of custard we find fascinating, Susen. That and its affable spirituality. You womyn--missed the point again.   

       And another thing. Never get a purebred dog. Ever. All the brains have been bred out in favor of shapely hocks or some sort of feathery butt hair. Get a good mutt. A mongrel.   

       And no more bickering.
Dog Ed, Apr 28 2001

       Why can't we edit a comment a second time without having to re-do the first edit?
globaltourniquet, Apr 28 2001

       F all yall (see link).
iuvare, Apr 28 2001

       Taxidermy-architect-oligarchy, right this minute!   

       Actually, iuvare, my suggestion was for a conversation that ended peaceably. When we're bickering, there really is no need to stop, until we're just worn thin with aggravation and can't see the point in continuing to prove and re-prove to these thick-skulled, custard-sucking morons whatever it was we were trying to say in the first place. It's far too much fun to just babble on incoherently about how you are all intellectual dwarfs, with the combined wits of a basket full of mayonnaise. You see? Don't you get it yet?! AUGH!   

       (heh. I love this stuff.)
absterge, Apr 30 2001

       Huh! Wots spellin? It makes no difference which side of the Atlantic you're on as long as you can be understood and hey, if you don't know what something is, Ask! (Or am I just old fashioned? Oh well so be it!) What about a half-baked dictionary? That could be a laugh. PS I have never sucked custard.
Ivy, May 04 2001

       If halfbakers could spell or use grammar in the version of the English language that is spoken where they were born, then there might be a place for such linguistic disputes. Myself, I'm just glad to not see "coulor" or "realice".
pottedstu, Sep 22 2001

       PertinentOak closed his account - his buttons got pushed, so he pushed his.
thumbwax, Jan 05 2002

       Can I just remind everyone here that 'Anglo' is properly accepted to mean 'English', and not British. Also, that the Scots and the English made a treaty not to beat the living shit out of each other, and instead to be 'friends'. It's been more like a bad marriage ever since, and the inevitible divorce is soon to follow the present separation. I'm saddened that, in this divorce-ahoy day and age, we can't sort out our differences and give England a chance at biting the pillow for a while. We can all learn to be friends and join with the US in a war against fascist Europe. Hitler isn't dead, he's alive and well and living in Brussels!!!
Haggis, Feb 03 2003


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