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origami boulder cannon

put paperball in and shoot it
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I thought there would be a paper ball gun for standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper, but I can't find one.

Ammunition is a recycling bin away, it runs on either CO2 or a hand pump, and it is relatively harmless to anything but house flies.

nomocrow, Feb 11 2008

Could push tight paper ball to half speed of sound? http://stokes.byu.edu/pingpong.htm
<begins office arms race> [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 12 2008]

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       Ah. I was hoping the origama did the firing.
DrCurry, Feb 11 2008

       I can't help but think that the boulders would be a little disappointing aerodynamically. Too much air resistance and not enough weight. But if you could introduce a ball bearing or something into the paper, you might get a more useful projectile out of it.
lostdog, Feb 11 2008

       Naw, Office blowgun. Take a push pin, wrap in small cone of paper held on with scotch tape. Roll letter or better legal sized paper into tube and you have a solid weapon effective out to 10'.
MisterQED, Feb 11 2008

       Of course I will be trying that.
nomocrow, Feb 11 2008

       I like the old idea of a rubber band and a folded paper V, because you are using classroom/office supplies only, and you are applying them both in ways they were not intended for.   

       The accuracy and velocity are unparalleled in the category of office supply projectiles (except for the drinking straw/plasticine combo).   

       Don't forget the catapult, for lobbing your payload over cubicle walls (plastic spoon).   

       Be polite though, and don't fire wet or staining ammunition (like used coffee filters).
Mister P, Feb 11 2008

       Get a staple, bend one arm parallell with the web, and one down to a ~45 degree angle. You essentially get a V-shape, with one arm longer than the other. Hook short arm over a small rubber band, pull back and zap! ideal projectile. Eyes beware, this will stick into a corkboard at 10 feet on a lucky shot. Heavy duty boof-o cardboard staples are the magnum sniping version. Paperclips bent appropriately for indirect fire.   

       As to the blowdarts - get a cotton wool bud (cue tip) and cut one end so you have cotton and ~1/2 inch shaft. Get a sewing needle (from a sewing machine), and it will push blunt-end first back into the shaft of the cue tip. You end up with a dart, with a heavy needle tip head, and a cotton-bud tail. Find a pen body with the right diameter and you have a rather scary blowdart. I used to hunt cockroaches and grasshoppers when I was a kid with one of these. Not sure if you have sewing needles in your office...
Custardguts, Feb 12 2008


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