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My Office

Everywhere I Go
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Having recently found myself "working on the run" from coffee shops and diners and sheltered corners, in what is often very cold weather (literally, freezing point at times)

My Office is a briefcase-sized inflatable with a miniature climate control unit and a built-in inflatable seat and desk surface.

See-through, and with a little airlock for coffee and food deliveries.

Drop it on the ground, press the big INFLATE button with your foot and FOOMPF!, you have an office cubicle* from which to work in comfort.

*Caution. Inflation inside confined spaces, such as motor vehicles, is not recommended.

UnaBubba, Aug 17 2022

Office of the Future: Portable, Inflatable Bubble https://www.bloombe...n-inflatable-bubble
[a1, Aug 17 2022]

Completely not the same thing https://www.youtube...watch?v=JXP2xOz30HI
until you get the 22 minute mark [a1, Aug 17 2022]

The Top 8 Tent Air Conditioners for Camping in 2022 https://thetentairc...nditioners-camping/
[Voice, Aug 18 2022]

Event Domes https://polidomes.com/event-domes/p30/
[Voice, Aug 18 2022]

RV Office Tour https://www.youtube...watch?v=wn46FQCjtBg
[Voice, Aug 18 2022]


       If you have not done a prior search [a1] will get you. You've been warned.   

       [a1], that link is not quite the same idea as [UB], mainly on account of the one being a spherical conveyance for ejecting fish-microwaving coworkers, and the other being a friendly, cozy, movable cubicle.   

       They are exactly alike in that both of them are still thought bubbles* at the moment.   

       *hnurh hnurh
Sgt Teacup, Aug 17 2022

       I found that one [a1], and figured this was more for the road warrior worker, like myself at the moment, than the office curmudgeon.   

       I have since moved to another site, where there is sunshine, coffee, and fewer arseholes smoking nearby, so I may put off building my thought bubble for a little while.
UnaBubba, Aug 17 2022

       The first love of whoever invented the "Open Office" is probably, like the actress on "Family Feud", assholes.
4and20, Aug 17 2022

       I know it’s not the same thing - just pointing out similar concepts. The cautionary note against use in confined spaces also reminded me of a sitcom from sixty years ago … but that was a very tenuous link so I didn’t post it (at first).
a1, Aug 17 2022

       //arseholes smoking nearby//   

       Tell-tale blue-grey wisps coil upwards from the waistband. It's an early warning sign of pants on fire.
pertinax, Aug 17 2022

       Of course, if the arsehole belongs to a prevaricator pretending to play a U-shaped stringed instrument, it'd be a lyre liar's pants on fire.
Sgt Teacup, Aug 18 2022

       Could just be breathing heavily
pocmloc, Aug 18 2022

       I've found myself in a similar work situation lately. I get trip manifests emailed to me, and I have to compile routes, get the distances for quotes, get all that data put into my dispatch system to send out to drivers, compile invoices... Just too damn much to do in the car, but there isn't always a coffee shop with seating conveniently nearby and I love the idea of something I can pop out of the trunk of my cab stopped on a highway shoulder and get some work done. [+]
21 Quest, Aug 18 2022

       By the time you get out a generator, tent, inflatable chair, folding table, and air conditioner you'll be better off just using an RV. Really this idea is just WIBNI these things could be small and light enough to carry in one hand.
Voice, Aug 18 2022

       I looked for an RV which is JUST an office and was surprised not to find one.
Voice, Aug 18 2022

       I've seen a smallish vehicle (Toyota Emina or something, IIRC) kitted out as an office in the back; flat floor, L-type desk, normal office chair, etc.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 18 2022

       // looked for an RV which is JUST an office and was surprised not to find one. //   

       How big and how much money do you have to spend?
a1, Aug 18 2022

       I was surprised not to find one already available as such. Obviously it would be possible to remove the innards of an existing RV and turn it into just an office. To answer your question, though, I can spend a whole dollar on one. That's not just how much I would be willing to spend, it's my entire discretionary budget.   

       //how big//   

       I fancy a transparent fifth wheel bubble with curtains (-:
Voice, Aug 18 2022


       You add ampersand t equals 20 m (meaning And Time Equals 20 Minutes), and the youtube goes directly to where you want it.
pashute, Aug 19 2022

       // &t=20m and video goes to that time mark //   

       Thanks. I guess I could do that, but why deprive anyone of a chance to watch the whole thing? Let people decide on their own if they want to skip ahead or not.
a1, Aug 19 2022

       I could buy another vehicle, [Voice], but then I would have 7 vehicles instead of the existing 6.
UnaBubba, Aug 23 2022

       That's a whole lot of depreciating assets.
Voice, Aug 23 2022

       Three of them belong to the businesses. One of them is now worth double what I paid for it, so I'm up about $120K on it.   

       The other two are personal vehicles, so I expect them to just be a cost, but thank you for your concern, [Voice].
UnaBubba, Aug 25 2022

       I've a solution that should make everyone happy...RETIRE (like me).
blissmiss, Aug 27 2022

       I am retired. It sounds so much nicer than "unemployed"
Voice, Aug 29 2022


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