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Think! Think! Think!
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You are sitting at your desk in your cubicle, and suddenly drops off an important assignment that needs to be done in a limited amount of time. (lets say by 3:00p.m.). You place a customized doll that looks like you or any deep thinker you know on your desk and set it's timer. Time quickly passes by and the doll starts smacking its head while quietly mumbling "think think think" this continues for a while until the doll starts hitting his head harder and then with both hands, getting louder "THINK THINK THINK I CAN DO THIS!" Repeats until really close to 3:00 where it starts swearing under its breath and pounding on its own desk. Instead a buzzer, it goes OH CRAP! and its head collapses on his desk and starts sobbing.
I2RI, Jun 11 2003

Deprocrastinator http://www.halfbake...ea/Deprocrastinator
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Displacement Activity Swap Shop http://www.halfbake...ivity_20Swap_20Shop
"Run out of things to do to avoid doing whatever it is you should be doing?" [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Stop procrastinating alarm. http://www.halfbake...tinating_20alarm_2e
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

Still-In-The-Office Accessories http://www.halfbake...ffice_20Accessories
More products from the same catalog, by [mahatma] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

MS Procrasto-Tracker http://www.halfbake...20Procrasto-Tracker
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

The Procrastination Prevention Program http://www.halfbake...revention_20Program
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       I think I need this product ...
Aristotle, Jun 11 2003

       And what are you doing all this time?
egbert, Jun 11 2003

       I don't understand it - more than likely, its just me though.
po, Jun 11 2003

       I'm not sure how that would help my creativity, but it would be funny as hell.
lebobtheavenger, Mar 12 2005


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