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packaged spit

Also available in pumps
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As a "chef," why waste precious bodily fluids spitting in someone's food when it gets sent back to the kitchen where it's probably too hot, anyway?

As a bar patron who has to uh, *go* - certainly nobody will take a swig of your drink while you're away. Just rip one. Uh-

thumbwax, Dec 18 2004

Pocari Sweat http://www.noapolog...andrink/pocari.html
"... thick, salty, sweet ..." [hippo, Dec 19 2004]

Many versions. http://www.biotene.com/
Lots of people need fake spit. There is a whole company dedicated to it. [bungston, Apr 23 2005]

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       "Boy, is my mouth dry. I sure could use some of that _________"
normzone, Dec 19 2004

       "prpbably" ? It must be all that junk food giving you gas.
Belfry, Dec 19 2004

       Oddly enough, bottled spit is baked, though not widely known I’d wager. Divers use it in lieu of their own spit as a mask defogger. The best defoggers contain the enzyme ptyalin (from saliva) which is mixed with water and organic salts. It’s spit. If, however, you’d like mucins mixed in with that - you’re on your own.   

       “I can’t believe it’s not spit!” is an old line.
Shz, Dec 19 2004

       There, a little spit and it's all shined up!
EvilPickels, Dec 19 2004

       <hands over eyes> hello thumb nice to see you </hands over eyes-not reading>
po, Dec 19 2004

       Today on IRON CHEF the ingredient will be...   

       ewwww. I'll just summons up my own, thanks.
dentworth, Dec 19 2004

       Despite what you might think, from the name, Pocari Sweat is actually quite bad. Not entirely wretched, but entirely not good. Milkis, on the other hand...   

       I believe a number of universities are working on more realistic artificial saliva, though not for commercial reasons.
tiromancer, Dec 20 2004

DesertFox, Dec 21 2004

       Well, they were advertising pills for people with dry eyes. Maybe this is next...
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2004

       One word for your idea: Ewwwww!
Machiavelli, Dec 21 2004

       Pearls before swine!
thumbwax, Jan 02 2005

       Pocari sweat is neither "thick" nor noticably "salty", it's just a variation of gatorate - uncarbonated, lemony, sugary, and thin. But for the weird name, there would be little remarkable about it.
jutta, Jan 26 2005

       It is kind of salty, though so is gatorade.
tiromancer, Jan 26 2005

       Half-baked as "Salivex", featured in commercials on the radio in GTA: Vice City. Basically a blowjob tool for dry mouths.
disbomber, Apr 20 2005

       The birds nests in birds nest soup are made from the spittle of birds (some kind of swallow that lives in caves), and its apparently quite delicious.   

       So maybe human saliva prepared in the right way would also be tasty. But I guess that's another idea...
dustsparkle, Apr 23 2005

       Although I've been tempted many, many times to spit in someone's food, I will never publicly admit to having done so. Though as a chef, I feel that adding my own precious bodily fluids(spit and phlegm) to the food I'm serving serves as a simple revenge to the jerk who made my favorite waitress cry on an exceptionally busy weekend evening. Real spit is free(and flavorless), plus the act of hocking a a loogie on someone's meal is a cathartic method of on the job stress relief. Or so I'm told. ;)
jaksplat, Apr 23 2005


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