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paint dome roof as world globe

paint dome roof as world globe; your city at top; north true north
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In Milwaukee and Chicago we store road salt in large domed structures. Why not paint a world map on them, with the symbolic location of the dome on positioned at the top of the dome - as though a copy of the real earth was downsized, but not rotated or shifted.

The sun shadow on this dome would be a perfect analog of the shadow on the earth. A good educational prop for kids.

ckau2, Nov 16 2008

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       //The sun shadow on this dome would be a perfect analog of the shadow on the earth//
Only if the painted globe were tilted by the same angle as your latitude.
coprocephalous, Nov 17 2008

       This is cool, but I'd still like door peep-holes installed so when I turn off the lights the stars come out.
MisterQED, Nov 17 2008


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