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painting dancing feet

little ballerina shoes with paintpots in the tippy toe bits
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I feel like dancing today on a huge broad canvas and making a turner prize winning painting with my joyful dancing ballerina shoes cum paint brushes. I am going to whirl and swirl and paint and create with my fleetful feet until the New Year. SWOOOSH
po, Dec 15 2001

I do that all the time in winter http://futurebird.d....com/010105_77.html
[futurebird, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

General Washington's fine drawing http://i836.photobu...ingdancingfeet2.jpg
[po, Jun 19 2011]


       Great idea. You're so poetic, po.
TeaTotal, Dec 15 2001

       I think that may be baked by some of those impressionist artists who make milions on mere whims such as what you had today. Hey, po, delete this idea and keep it to yourself! You could be as undeservedly rich as some of those impressionist painting bastards! (I appoligize if I have insulted any impressionist loving posters, but I just hate the stuff)
NeverDie, Dec 15 2001

       I'm no expert but I don't think you mean impressionists i.e. Renoir ? but my idea is based on happiness, joy of being alive and new beginnings!
po, Dec 15 2001

       All I'm saying is that once you are done, you could further celebate the joy of being alive by selling the finished canvas to the fad-happy modern art community and making millions! (oh, and I actually like 'classic' impressionists like Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh, etc., I mean more of the modern day impressionists who draw soup cans and other such things)
NeverDie, Dec 15 2001

       and I probably will.....
po, Dec 15 2001

       I like the picture of the campbells soup can, anyway that was done before people started winning the Turner Art Prize with a piece called "the lights turning on and off"............
kaz, Dec 15 2001

       I actually think the soup was Warhol
NeverDie, Dec 15 2001

       Impressionism <> Painting with [po]'s happy feet.   

       Impressionism = A painting of [po]'s big toe.
phoenix, Dec 16 2001

       Ok this is sort of off the subject but special shoes with sandpaper on the bottom would be helpful for trying to re-do floors.
jimithing, Dec 16 2001

       I know a five-year-old who will join you in this, po ... she can spin and jump with the best of them. Art and dancing are her two favorite things; there's nothing she'd love doing more than this.   

       Of course, she'll have a large pink glitter crown on her head the entire time ... and she may collide with you once or twice, when the crown slides down over her eyes for a moment. But otherwise, I think you'd really enjoy her company.   

       I know I always do. :)
1percent, Dec 16 2001

       I thought Oedipus loved his mother
po, Dec 16 2001

       po: They had issues.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       A couple of weeks ago I went on holiday to a remote part of Ireland and did some such dancing on an empty beach. I was trying to see what different dance moves would result in different patterns in the sand. The results were quite disappointing but the dancing was fun.
stupop, Dec 17 2001

       And don't get too carried away -- remember to stop dancing sometime (c.f. The Red Shoes.)
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       I have not been the same since I tried to do some low cost home insulation as suggested by UnaBubba
po, Dec 17 2001

       Ah, Whistler's Monster. Such talent!
FarmerJohn, Nov 14 2002

       I could not have wished for a nicer link on my favourite idea - thank you [future]
po, Dec 12 2002

       [GW]'s nice painting went away. I think it was nice - it's been a while.
Worldgineer, Nov 16 2004

       aren't you meant to *flag* it?   

       it was lovely. I will see if I can find it or perhaps that nice DrC has a copy somewhere in the calendar...
po, Nov 17 2004

       I did flag it, but then realized it could be a while before you wander by this idea again, so I churned.
Worldgineer, Nov 17 2004

       hmmmm. that's a thought.
po, Nov 17 2004


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