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Encourage Broad Participation
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Assign someone with a full knowledge of the entire halfbakery data base to diligently watch each new idea from new participants and curtly dismiss those that have been submitted in prior years.
b1greader, Apr 07 2004

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       No that won't work and we already have a krelnik.   

       There must be something that would fulfill the purpose.... it is too much to expect new posters to lurk while they read every possible entry over the life of halfbakery. That's not the kind of folks who post anything much. A good general rule for new posters might be to double check before posting an idea; read at least the first paragraph of everything in the CATEGORY.
b1greader, Apr 07 2004

       search for relevant words like: cat, custard, explosions, trebuchet machines or pirates.
po, Apr 07 2004

       Sounds good. I assign b1greader to this task. Please read all 18,906 ideas by Friday lunchtime.
st3f, Apr 07 2004

       please excuse accidental deletion... resubmit at will.
b1greader, Apr 07 2004

       Just let them post, as long as they don't jump off a bridge just because someone made a comment about prior art.
kbecker, Apr 07 2004

       The motto "We put the part in participation!". Hey, that could be a tagline.
bungston, Jan 15 2010

       Either that or "We put the tic..."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2010


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