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pay-as-you-go wireless network w/residuals

got broadband at home? why not share it and make a buck or two!
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I have DSL at home, and a wireless DSL router, allowing all my PC's at home to be able to surf the 'net through my one connection. But the signal goes clear into my neighbors apartment, probably even into the next building. Why not provide a service that acts as a filter which only allow anonymous traffic to go to a certain Web site where they can pay for a subscription or login with their current info, and surf the wireless network. This way, one person in the building has DSL and a wireless network. Others in the area can just fire up their PC's, find an IP address, login, and pay a small monthly fee to access the internet through that wireless network. The person providing that network would then get residual kick-backs from the company providing that service, thereby encouraging more people to set up such networks.
jeddings, May 21 2002

Wi-Fi Extender http://www.halfbake...ea/Wi-Fi_20Extender
No residuals. [phoenix, May 21 2002]

Personal Telco Project http://www.personaltelco.net/
Cooperative public access internet access in Portland, Oregon and other cities. [sdpinpdx, Aug 05 2002]

This is so baked http://www.fon.com
[kinemojo, Dec 15 2006]


       Two years ago, everyone and their uncle was starting up Yet Another Internet Reseller. They all bought broadband connections from the real ISPs and rebranded the service as their own. They figured they could cash in on the growing flood of dotcoms and online shoppers.   

       They figured wrong. The market saturated, the dotcoms tanked, and all the resellers found themselves scrounging for enough customers to keep themselves out of bankruptcy court. Trying to break into the local loop market is neither a cheap nor a rewarding endeavor.
BigBrother, May 21 2002

       We did this idea before, but I can't turn it up. The other version was more altruistic in that the access was intended to be free.   

       I have DSL as well. I chose DSL over cable because I didn't want to share my wire with anyone. I think people have too much faith in little Johnny down the street.
phoenix, May 21 2002

       [phoenix] What do you think happens to your "dedicated" DSL line when it gets to the local PBX? It gets combined with all the other "dedicated" DSL lines in your neighborhood and dumped onto the internet along with little Johnny down the street. I'm amazed that the phone companies have been able to get away with that ad campaign. The entire point of the internet is shared bandwidth.   

       The DSL or cable to wireless portal has many good applications, but I don't understand how the billing would work. Is there to be software on your DSL connected server that tracks useage? Do the users authinticate to your xmiter?
James Newton, Aug 06 2002

       some of my student friends have a wireless network in their flat of 5 people that also connects to two other student flats(who they know) and they share the internet bill. works quite well.
lau03205, Feb 18 2005


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