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An hourly chime program for PDAs
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Now that I use a Palm/Pilot as my primary timepiece, I miss the hourly beeping I used to get from my digital watch.
Eeyore, Mar 08 2000

Palm Bleeper info at Handango http://www.handango...uctId=272&catalog=1
Here is evidence that someone attempted this idea at least once. Unfortunately the download link is broken and the author's whereabouts are unknown. [l2g, Mar 08 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

AirClock 2.5 http://www.palmspot.../ps8289a_98354.html
Turns your palm into an alarm clock, complete with hourly chimes. [Cedar Park, Oct 17 2004]


       People who go to the same movie theaters you do probably don't miss it at all. ;-)
l2g, Mar 08 2000

       I'm very conscientious about silencing all of my personal gadgets in quiet environments. The main reason I do this is probably that it gives me the moral high ground to yell at people who don't. =^>
Eeyore, Mar 09 2000

       Would enjoy a 'Big Ben' style chime, with programmable repeating blackout periods.
johnbartley, Oct 01 2003

       Google first, bake later. [link]   

       Simpler solution: Turn the watch's beeps back on.
Cedar Park, Oct 02 2003


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