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remove the sticky labels
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this peeler takes the sticky labels off apples, tomatoes etc without breaking or removing the actual skin of the fruit
arrondee, Aug 16 2001


       <rant> I *hate* those little stickers. I think some of them are held on by a mixture of epoxy and super glue, which just makes it that much worse. Anybody got a chisel? </rant>   

       Actually, with today's technology, why not just avoid the stickers altogether and instead use a food-grade vegetable-based ink to print whatever wording directly on the skin of the produce in question? Maybe even a bar code?   

       But if that's not an option, the peeler might be the next best solution. It would need a very flexible blade to conform to the contour of the food, but still keep a sharp enough edge to get under the sticker. Keeping from bruising or cutting the skin might be a bit more of a challenge.   

       The specification looks good, but I'n not so sure there's a feasible implementation. I'm keeping neutral on this one until someone can suggest how it could be implemented.
BigBrother, Aug 16 2001

       All the ones I've ever dealt with had little non-sticky tabs to let you pull it off. Sometimes a bit of the skin comes with it, but since I'm never removing the sticker until I'm ready to eat it, I don't really care...
StarChaser, Aug 16 2001

       it might be more feasible to somehow develop a non-toxic glue softener, that one brushes on top of the sticker, allows a few minutes to permeate, and simply rubs the sticker off....   

       but you get my vote. i hate those things... esp. the ones that are scored, so they rip into pieces as you remove them!
Urania, Oct 31 2001

       soaking the offending fruit in kerosene for a half hour before eating it is a fool proof method...allows for the easy "flam-baying" too...however, if you simple allow the fruit to soak in water (as you should anyway, to allow the nasty stuff clinging to the outside of the fruit - like pesticides and stuff - to loosen so you can scrub it off) you will find the label will also be easy to remove.
1MilesWest2, Oct 31 2001

       <Rant> Who has time to soak her produce? Honestly -- this product is needed because most people grab an apple on their way out the door, run it under water and scrub it for a couple minutes, and then can wither leave the [no doubt perticide-infested] label on it, or pull off the skin with it, leaving the apple to brown until lunch. Yuck.
Lulu, Oct 31 2001

       bring back the good old days when the grocer used a little spit on the label to get it to stick
po, Oct 31 2001


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