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succotash separator

allergy relief gadget
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Device to be carried by food allergy sufferer to parse succotash into safe/unsafe portions.
jackrabbit, Jan 07 2002


       Can't not order succotash?
phoenix, Jan 07 2002

       I doubt this would work; even minute traces can cause allergic reactions.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       What are you allergic to? Sweet corn/Hominy? White Navy beans? Turnip? Potatoes? Chicken? Corned Beef? Salt Pork?
thumbwax, Jan 08 2002

       You could use a commercial centrifuge like a hashifuge, to separate chunks and porridge of any casserole. How would this relieve an allergy, though?   

       It would seem to be obvious that you would still be allergic, only free of symptoms and more hungry for the inconvenience of not choosing to dine at a "new food" restaurant.
reensure, Jan 08 2002

       "In this bowl, sir, you shall find the Succo. And in that bowl? Well, that bowl has the Tash, of course."
bristolz, Jan 08 2002


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