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personalized postcards

Send a postcard with yourself in it.
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Once a camera / photo printer combination has been set up in an Internet Cafe in a tourist destination, electronic and (for the cost of printing) real postcards of the vicinity can be sent, not a fake backdrop, simply the current view.

Or, instead of an Internet Cafe, use a laptop/printer combination on a street vendor cart with a battery, connected to its Internet feed by wireless. (This could initially be sponsored by the printer manufacturer.)

If a short loop of frame captures is continuously stored and updated, the sender may still be able to find him- or herself on that loop, captured as part of the street scene without being aware of it.

(Yes, this probably has privacy problems.)

jutta, Sep 01 1999

Personalized Post Cards (Polaroid version) http://www.halfbake...ized_20post_20cards
As a product, not a service. [jutta, Sep 01 1999]


       From a CNN article about the newly opened "metreon" in SF: ".. more than 1,600 visitors per day are sending e-mail ``postcards'' of themselves from the store". (This is apparently virtual-only, though.)
jutta, Sep 04 1999, last modified Sep 18 1999

       Baked. Several times over. I was at the Saint Louis Arch, and in the gift shop they had a machine set up, which took your picture, then sent an email post card. That was a good 3 or 4 years ago, too. Also, there's a site which sends out real post cards, with any image you want on them, including your own that you can download.
DreamGoddess, Dec 01 2000

       Cool! Can you find a link to the real postcard site?
jutta, Dec 01 2000


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