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Opting out of the mail

Paper bad. Bits good.
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99% of the mail I get is junk. I get all my bills online, and if I need to send someone something I use a private courier. If I ever need to actually mail something to someone, I'll pay a little extra and do it via courier as well.

Since Canada Post generates all it's own income and apparently doesn't need any of my tax moeny, I can't see any more need for them. I'd like to render people incapable of sending me any more paper, as it's wasteful, and useless to me.

An 'unlisted' option would be ideal. I thought of getting rid of my mailbox, but having an address means it will just get put on my porch. I think over the next 20 or so years the postal system will become more and more useless to more and more people.

Giblet, Jan 08 2005

Application for Listing and/or Prohibitory Order (9/1996) http://www.usps.com/forms/_pdf/ps1500.pdf
[reensure, Jan 09 2005]

Guardian article http://www.guardian...y/0,,576797,00.html
90,000 items of mail a day - because its cheaper to send mail than amend mailing lists. [hippo, Jan 10 2005]


       I love it.   


       I believe, in the USA, so, probably in Canada too, there are rules that, if broken, result in non-delivery of mail. For instance, unshoveled snow. Break one of those rules permanently. Make your entry appear to be unshoveled year round with a snow simulation.   

       I guess you could put in a mail stop form and just never tell them you've returned.
Mustardface, Jan 08 2005

       My brother (CA, USA) was recently presented with a note from his mail carrier that stated if he didn't raise his mailbox to the prescribed height, delivery would be halted. Maybe you could use something like that to get it stopped.
swamilad, Jan 08 2005

       Would a foot underground be of sufficient height?
Giblet, Jan 08 2005

       Six feet under and a doctor's or coroner's pronouncement would be more reliable.
jurist, Jan 08 2005

       If you took every piece of the world's mail and layed them end to end, many people would think you foolish while others would see you as obsessed.
reensure, Jan 08 2005

Kramer: "I can't stop all these companies, so, I'm gonna attack this problem at the choke point."
Jerry: "Stop the mail?"
Kramer: "That's... even better!"
ldischler, Jan 08 2005

       There are addresses to send requests to for stopping mailed adverts. Check around. The Canadian postal service pays for 95% of its workers' dental bills; that's a lot of people that the mail helps out.
mensmaximus, Jan 08 2005

       Mailed adverts aren't the problem. It's the flyers and pizza ads.   

       We have a grocery store and drug store here that put out a 2-6 page flyer every single week.   

       Just the 60,000 or so people living in my area get these each week, and the only way I can see it stopping is not having a mail box.
Giblet, Jan 08 2005

       I have a place in the States where I don’t wish to receive any mail. The bills are online, and all correspondence relating to the property is sent to a different address. Many attempts to stop all delivery at the PO were unsuccessful, including a request for permanent forwarding (which means the junk mail still reaches you eventually). A sign on the mailbox reading “Do not deliver any mail to this address” worked. I have since removed the mailbox because it was ugly. A mail stop order with a no return option would have been nice.
Shz, Jan 09 2005

       If you get a persistent junk mailer who has repeatedly ignored your requests, you have recourse through the U.S. Postal Service. Ask them for a Form 1500. Originally intended tostop “sexually oriented” junk mail, the courts have ruled that it can be used for any mail you find offensive. Get one for each mailer at your local Post Office, or download: <linky> This can be VERY effective
reensure, Jan 09 2005

       This issue bothers me more then most.   

       Living in BC, we have some of the oldest and most majestic rainforests on the planet. 1200+ year old 300ft trees.   

       We also have some of the heaviest logged forrests on the planet.   

       I did a lot of work for Western Canada Wilderness Committee, canvassing door to door to raise money to stop particular areas from being logged.   

       Door after door, dololar after dollar, week after week, we canvassed and raised enough money to pay scientists to research the effect of logging the endangered Western Spotted Owl. There was less then 30 breeding pairs left on the planet, and the work that we did (12 canvasssers and the management) convinced the two largest forestry companies (Canfor and Interfor) to pull out of 13 cut blocks, and any future cut blocks that show spotted owl habitat. Cut blocks are measured in 100's of square kilometers on average.   

       So our local grocery store is doing everything it can to negate any good done.   

       so in turn, the mail system in my opinion, is one of the biggest wastes of natural resources around. If there wasn't the inexpensive system of giving flyers to the mal and having them deliver them, it would not be economically viable to set up a whole new distribution system of flyers, and they would print less.   

       Deals at the store are less important then our enviroment,and any time I can do anything to help I do.   

       The mail system is a legacy product that appeals to the older generation. Much like bank tellers.
Giblet, Jan 09 2005

       I put a sign on my mailbox: "No unaddressed mail, please." It works in my neighborhood.
xrayTed, Jan 10 2005

       "An average tree harvested for paper production is a 30'-high, 10''-diameter white pine, with a density of about 25 pounds per cubic-foot. Such a tree has a volume of 16 cubic-feet, a wet weight of 400 pounds, and a dry weight of 200 pounds, and produces 100 pounds of bleached craft pulp. A package of 500 8.5''*11'' 20-pound bond sheets of white paper weighs about five pounds, corresponding to 10,000 sheets of paper per tree."
FarmerJohn, Jan 10 2005

       Lots of mail continued to arrive for the World Trade Center building for a long time after 11/9/2001 - see link. It seems that it's cheaper for these companies to continue sending junk mail than go through mailing lists, weeding out the WTC addresses.
hippo, Jan 10 2005

       I think xrayted's "no unaddressed mail, please" sign would work best.   

       I notice that the postal delivery workers typically give you your bundle of mail, and have a separate bundle of "give to everyone" junk, which they add together right before delivery. It would be easy for them to separate it out when they see the sign. If enough of us do it, they'll eventually print less, since the postal service will end up with too much to dispose of at the end of the day.
sophocles, Jan 10 2005

       There are people who want those junkmail, and there are those who don't. To tackle this problem, the Dutch government has made official stickers available, the Yes (for free local newsbulletins) Yes (for junkmail, such as flyers) The Yes/No or No/Yes equivalant and the No/No one, which is the one you are after. Before, people just put up their own signs which were ignored by all postmen and or children with a weekend job as junkmail distributers. Making it official (the stickers are manufactered and distributed by government offices) has made our mailbox very, very empty. My advice would be to try and get it legalized.
Susan, Jan 10 2005

       Two points, neither worth reading if you reside outside the UK. One: to stop junk mail visit www.mpsonline.org.uk, to stop cold calling over the phone visit www.tpsonline.org.uk. Two: the Royal Mail (or whatever it's called this month) is on it's last legs and funded almost entirely by junk mail. If you want to retain the privilege of being able to send a letter anywhere in the country within 24 hours for about 30p, you have to put up with junk mail. I love the postal service and I will put up with the junk mail if that's what it takes. Unfortunately, first class is no longer a guaranteed 24 hour service and can take days, so I say sod the lot of them. Signed, Grumpy Old Codger.
wagster, Jan 10 2005

       Wow, that's a vivid statistic FJ found: 2 standard cases of paper represent one tree.
Etymon, Jan 10 2005

       Neat statistic however I have to say that 200 pounds for a 30 foot 10 inch diameter tree is definately not right.   

       Cuz that means I could benchpress a 30 foot, 10 inch diameter tree.   

Giblet, Jan 11 2005

       Giblet's last comment is exibit A why Ikea undercut the retail market from underneath local BC tree huggers/experts in BC. Ikea got their numbers right.
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       It's strange, this junkmail thing. I get, on average, only one piece of junkmail a month, usually from the chippie round the corner, or the nearest Indian restaurant. I never get cold-callers (touches wood). And yet I live in a city, where one might reasonably expect the junk-mailers would target their leaflets.   

       I feel a bit left out and neglected.
salachair, Jan 14 2005

       if hese flyers are unaddressed and unsolicited can you do the f*ckers for littering on your property?   

       Any lawyers out there wanna take my case up on a no win no fee basis, please get in touch.
etherman, Jan 14 2005

       You are quite welcome. I hope it works <keeping her fingers crossed>
Susan, Jan 14 2005

       Can I say that here in England, the Royal mail service is an absolute shambles....?
DaveW-H, Jan 14 2005

       Around here, you get ripped off a couple of bucks if you don't use the pizza coupons... they're not totally useless (unless you don't like pizza).
ghillie, Jan 14 2005

       Hey, even with the coupon you still pay 10.50 for a large pizza. Still ripped off! I like the Dutch sticker idea, or maybe a "do not junkmail" list like the national "do not call" registry. Optional and functional, and all the blessed charities can still spam your mailbox asking for money.
wittyhoosier, Aug 25 2006

       Go the the Federal Trade Commission's website and poke around (if you live in the U.S.) there is supposedly an option to get out of unsolicitd mail (at least) ... should be ftc.gov
thedreehay, Aug 25 2006


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