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Outside the Envelope is More than Inside

A picture window that is worth 500 x 2 words
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Like the ribbed surface of the toy that shows different pictures when viewed from different angles, the prepared surface of a business envelope window with special text could allow more information to be seen in less space. For example, two lines for name and street address could also show city, region and zip code.

This could be expanded to signs, so that when passing by, one could see a sign in two languages or a speed limit in both mph and kph.

FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2004


       But why? Business envelopes with windows aren't exactly expensive in the first place. Or is the Starbucks approach to stationery?
DrCurry, Apr 04 2004

       Yes, with sizes ascending from tall to pygmy.
FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2004

       The envelopes would not be feasible, except as attention grabbers, but the signs would be nice.
kbecker, Apr 04 2004

       I've seen advertising billboards that use this feature.
waugsqueke, Apr 04 2004

       I always wanted a simple means of making art like this.
futurebird, Apr 05 2004

       This would be enough to push a lot of postal workers over the edge.
missbossy, Apr 06 2004

       Business envelope Windows? Hey! My PC already has Windows ; every time I gaze askew @ it(it misbehaves!), different "stuff" is visible! Is not this similar?
chembustion, Apr 06 2004

       Wow, what a bad idea. On envelopes, it would make automatic text recognition much harder and make it much more likely for mail to be misdelivered.   

       And as for road signs, surely they should be visible for as long as possible, and not require you to be at exactly the right angle to notice the speed limit or the fact that the road's about to end with a cliff and plunge to your death. You could get the same effect by opening and closing your eyes a lot.
kropotkin, Apr 06 2004

       I like my lenticular soup with ham - will it taste different if I eat it from a different angle?
goff, Apr 06 2004

       Or you could just put a hologram on the envalope for postal information and a 3D map to get there. +
sartep, Apr 06 2004

       The post office already delivers mail where the address looks like it was copied from the bottom of a teacup .... how?
dpsyplc, Apr 06 2004


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