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piezo-electric plank

go to Davey Jones's locker, for enviromentally friendly pirates
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Whilst reading the idea about electricity from sails, I could not help but think that it might be missing a trick.

Fix up a piezo electric systems in the plank, so victims would have the consolation that as they go to a watery end, they might be doing something to help save the planet. Although which planet remains under discussion.

Thinking about it sailing ships were neutral CO2 as well, if you ignore the energy used to make them...

not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2011

Billow_20Power [not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2011]


       //many mW-hours of power//   

       every little helps y'know. Think of the polar bears.   

       Admittedly to generate any big amount of power would mean a significant turnover of captives and/or mutineers.   

       I suggest they pirates take down the "Jolly Roger" and put up a "piezo-electric plank onboard" flag and prospective captives would just hand over the readies on sight, and the crew might be less bolshy than on average.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2011


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