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piezoelectric guitar tuner

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Install piezoelectric discs on your acoustic guitar soundboard to harvest vibration energy, collected in a small battery. The power collected from strumming the instrument can be used to power an onboard digital tuner.
simonj, Jun 18 2010

piezoelectric demo http://www.youtube....GNo&feature=related
[simonj, Jun 18 2010]

more piezo fun http://www.innowattech.co.il/index.aspx
[simonj, Jun 18 2010]

Self-tuning Guitar http://www.gibson.com/robotguitar/
Uses piezo pickups, but is battery powered [csea, Jun 18 2010]

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       Could work, though one would have to take note of where the energy is being harvested, lest it affect the sound.   

       It would make sense to include this function on a self-tuning guitar [link].
csea, Jun 18 2010


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