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point system

Criminals on a point system
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Each crime will be assigned a value. For example: Robbery- 3 points Rape - 6 points DUI-3 points Murder- 10 points Manslaughter- 6 points You get the idea. Every citizen is allotted a number of points for his/her lifetime, 10 points will be enough. When your points are used up you must be killed! It does not matter what order you use them. Example- Joe blow is convicted of robbery (3 points) and manslaughter ( 6points). He then is caught With a DUI ( 3 points)--he has surpassed his total points for a lifetime and is promptly killed!!! This will definately deter crime by making everyone accountable for their actions!
Chuck, Aug 29 2001

Halfbaked? http://www.tencomma.../view_registry.html
Crazier pepople than you have thought of this before. R T Lee proposes that judges impose penalties (most of them death, by the way,) based on a 'heinousness' system. Read his guest book, and look for the word "heinous" to find his suggestion. [sdm, Aug 29 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


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jutta, Aug 29 2001

       My understanding is that the death penalty's never been demonstrated to actually deter crime. Otherwise, the idea seems pretty cool.
snarfyguy, Aug 29 2001

       Change rape to 9 points, make child molestation the same, and have a croissant.
Susen, Aug 29 2001

       And while we're at it, we can do away with courts, due process, hell -why not the entire legal system? We can replace all that costly stuff with hand gun equipped ATMs and swipe cards.
sdm, Aug 30 2001

       Are you saying that you are killed when your total reaches 10 points or 11? If the latter, you appear to be giving everyone free license to kill one person during their lifetime, which seems like a good way to half the world population but is hardly a basis for a system of justice. Even if you meant the former, there still doesn't appear to be any comeback built in to your system as long as you stay below the 10-point mark. Or are you layering this system on top of the existing judiciary?   

       Whatever, this is just another "simple solution to a complex problem" idea and like almost all of them, its *only* virtue is that simplicity. Consider yourself fishboned.
gravelpit, Aug 30 2001

       gravelpit: I don't think he's saying to get rid of incarceration.   

       I don't think this is a good idea; it's basically like three strikes laws, and will get a lot of people killed for relatively minor crimes. It also will fail to deter serious crimes among those for whom minor crimes already carry a death sentence. (e.g., someone with 8 points who commits a robbery has no reason to let victims or potential witnesses live.)
bookworm, Aug 30 2001

       The death penalty is a deterrent. There is no recorded case of anyone comitting another crime after they've been successfully executed.   

       Well, except that one guy, two thousand years ago...
StarChaser, Aug 30 2001

       Depends what he was saying to them, Peter. Sedetion was a crime then and still is now.
DrBob, Aug 31 2001

       All together now <clicking fingers and dancing across the rooftop, Topol-style> "Sedition.... Sedition!"   

       Treason is apparently the only crime that still carries the death penalty in the UK. That really deterred the IRA for a quarter of a century, didn't it?   

       "You shall have a fishy / In a little dishy / You shall have a fishy / When the boat comes in"
Guy Fox, Aug 31 2001

       [Guy Fox]: Also 'Piracy on the High Seas' and 'Arson in Her Majesty's Dockyards'.
angel, Aug 31 2001

       <tap tap> Hmm, it seems the bulb in the 'humor' lamp is burned out again...
StarChaser, Sep 01 2001


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