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Magic Death Ball

Shake the 8-ball... and it magically chooses the means of execution!
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I don't think I can be any more concise than I was in the summary - except it could be all automated, so the convict is strapped down, presses a button, and sees how he's going to be executed in the next minute or so. Fun fun fun for the spectators, especially if the popular "swinging pendulum" option is included.

[Actually, I must blame this idea on Hankosha, my brother. He signed up shortly afer I posted it, so flame him.]

Spaceman42, Apr 28 2003


       I am sure people will fishbone you only because you are dealing with "killing people", and will call you cruel. Still, I think it brings some fun to those who have to do the dirty work, which (unlike you) I doulbt they enjoy. Welcome to the bakery anyways.
Pericles, Apr 28 2003

       Actually, I'm kinda neutral on the death penalty issue.   

       And I'm talking method, not principle. Don't even get me started there.
Spaceman42, Apr 28 2003

       I think that, when you consider how many ways people manage to kill themselves accidentally, the state is not very creative in coming up with ways of doing this officially. Means of execution should include slipping on soap while trying to walk on water, drying your hair with a propane torch, or feeding marshmallows to crocodiles. All selected by the 8-ball, of course.
pluterday, Apr 28 2003

       //slipping on soap while trying to walk on water//   

       Ha ha ha!! I did that all the time to my sisters when I was little. You know, competing with other 3 girls for your parent's attention can make your mind find other ways of winning (or making the other 3 lose, mwhahaha).
Pericles, Apr 28 2003

       The means could be contained in the ball. As long as there wasn't a line to use the thing, you could use most of the space in the 8-ball for it. I can think of a lot of creative methods of doom that could fit in the space allotted. Of course, this would mean that the 8-ball would be "rigged" from the start. This would have downsides. On a cartain level, it just seems right to leave the exact method in the hands of fate and preloading the ball with a single function would not allow that. Also, this would increase the potential for cheating if there were money riding on the means of execution.
footzilla, Apr 29 2003

       I personally do not care for a world where an execution results in "fun fun fun for the spectators."
beauxeault, Apr 29 2003

       What beaux said.
waugsqueke, Apr 29 2003

       8-ball, is this a good idea? (shake, shake)
(float) "Don't bet on it"
friendlyfire, Apr 29 2003

       differnet types of magic death balls - 007, gory, off with the head, Quick, slow, stupid, painful...
Hankosha, Apr 29 2003

       That was a mildly sarcastic comment - "fun fun fun", that is. I just couldn't think of any better adjectives.
Spaceman42, Apr 29 2003

       Hiya, spaceman! welcome to the asylum, also known as the halfbakery.

I think you should allow prisoners to choose: whatever their state's preferred method is, or a mystery death. As an extra incentive to pick the 8-ball, "live out a life sentence" could be added to it.
igirl, Apr 29 2003

       An opportunity to wager on the spectator sport of public executions...

Bloody brilliant!
ato_de, Apr 29 2003

This idea is evil.
sufc, Apr 29 2003

       In no way, shape or form do I support the death penalty; in fact, i frequently get in fights with my peers and sometimes mild skirmishes with my teachers about it. That's why i put "live out a life sentence." I do sometimes have morbid/evil ideas...for someone who is so damned libera/bohemian, i have a sick sense of humor!! excuse me for being hypocritical (meant sincerely).
igirl, May 23 2003

       Hmm... who get's to shake the ball?
daseva, Jun 17 2005

       Seems like a fairly even split so far. Personally, I'm with those people who disapprove of death being made into entertainment.
I also notice that everyone is so conflicted over this that nobody has voted yet. I wonder what sociologists will make of that, when the cockroaches finally take over (and develop sociology)?
moomintroll, Jun 17 2005

       "I have seen the light!... Hide!"   

       --Cockroach, upon developing sociology.
daseva, Jun 17 2005

       + for the title.
benfrost, Jun 18 2005

       Reading [igirl]'s comment, I'm wondering whether or not there are asylums out there that are similar to this web-site.   

       And if I am right [Pa`ve], you are saying that this idea should be deleted as Advocacy. If so, I'm not sure whether this has grounds for a MFD. While it may involve a controversial subject, its author was merely suggesting a new way of selecting something that is already going on. While it has ben touched upon in the anno's. I don't believe that anyone involved was looking to start a debate on the death penalty.
hidden truths, Jun 19 2005

       This is not funny.
zigness, Jan 12 2006


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