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polder preservation pants, with pole

navigate polders with minimum impact
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Polders are pools, often environmentally important and fragile. A minimally invasive way to cross them, would be a pair of sealed inflatable trousers, with weighted boots so you could not tip over, like a freshwater fishing bob. And, you would have either paddles to move with, or... a POLE!
pfperry, Jul 13 2002


       This is already Baked, as a Chindogu.
8th of 7, Jul 13 2002

       8th of 7, do you have a reference for this as a Chindogu? It strikes me as being well on the practical side of the 1/2bakery range, and therby not chindogu at all. Of course, the Michelin Man may have beat me to it.(thinks: why not Michelin *Woman*? like those fertility godesses?)
pfperry, Jul 13 2002

       <mind in gutter> What if your pants already have a pole? </mind in gutter>
Cedar Park, Jan 17 2003

       *mumbles* ...if you need to live in a polder you're not much of a species anyway.
Madcat, Jul 24 2003


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