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polymerized ORT

ORT oral rehydration therapy was among the most effective medications of the 20th century, this makes ORT more effective as a polymer gradually releases ions to optimally ORTize everywhere at the gi tract rather than just the area with the right concentration PMMA is 1/10 of a cent per gram, thus a hundreth of a cent of PMMA might do the chemistry
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ORT is Oral rehydration therapy, a blend of sugar with NaCl was found to cause ion channels to transport water much more rapidly, rehydrating a person 7 to 20 times faster than regular water.

ORT saved vast numbers of childrens lives during the 20th century as a result of keeping diarrhea from killing them.

I think that adding a polymer to ORT like polymethylmethacrylate or a protein polymer like jello would create the right concentration of ions to accelerate rehydration throughout the GI tract, because when you think about it, a person drinking ORT has possibly 100 pt effectiveness for the first tenth or twentieth of the GI tract, then it is diluted or possibly concentrated as the fluid travels. Jello or PMMA gradually releasing the right concentration might make ORT even more lifesaving, more effective, possibly with fewer doses.

Also ORT is cheap, yet I think making ORT jello or PMMA then powdering it could cost 1 or 2 cents more per serving. Still cheap. Thus this improves the medicine that cures the worlds second leadingcauise of death during the 20th century.

Notably though if polymerized ORT was an entire dime more to make, then the utility could shift. At the developed world making ORT a dime more would lack effect on the number of packets distributed. A while ago online I found out that you could give $ to unicef where 10c would provide a person with an ORT packet, so if polymer ORT were 20c that might actually reach fewer people, so its important to get the cheapness part right as well as the chemistry.

polymer ORT may be cheaper than normal ORT as it works better, thus 1/3 the ingredients could be used, then every plastic packet auto produced as 3 packets.

Creating the 3c ORT packet. optimizing the chemistry might actually be less than 1/100 of a cent. One one hundreth of a cent is very cheap. Polyacrilamide gel is 75c to 1 usd per KG at alibaba.com (vegetable gelatin is similar at 1 - 2.2 usd per Kg) thus 1/10c/gram or 1/100 of a cent per tenth of a gram. So optimizing the chemistry might actually be less than 1/100 of a cent.

Noting that if ORT was the size of a powder drink packet during the 20th century, the same film packaging machines could make three times as many items at about the same surface area with more efficient ingredients.

That would benefit people as even though ORT is an effective cure for the worlds second leading cause of death among children during the 20th century it still had only partial distribution, so even cheaper is more effective.

beanangel, Mar 12 2012

polyacrylamide gel powder at .75 to 1 per Kg, or .01 c per 100 mg http://www.alibaba....th_Top_Quality.html
[beanangel, Mar 12 2012]

wikipedia ORT http://en.wikipedia...rehydration_therapy
[beanangel, Mar 12 2012]


       I'd be wary of using polyacrylamide, if only because any residual monomer is a cumulative neurotoxin.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2012

       You say that like it's somehow a bad thing ...
8th of 7, Mar 12 2012

       If you want neurotoxicity, you want it then and there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2012

       Alibaba also has vegetable gelatin protein at 1000 to 2200 USD per metric ton, so thats 1/10 cent per gram thus the better ORT economics are similar
beanangel, Mar 12 2012

       Oh dear gods - [beany] has discovered Alibaba.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2012

       Picture a metric ton of gelatin being delivered to Mr. [beanangel]'s residence. There, didn't that make you feel better?
mouseposture, Mar 12 2012

       Picture? I just arranged it!   

       [8th - I charged it to your card, I figured you'd understand.]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2012

       I'd like to undiscover alibaba.
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2012

       <alibaba> Mr Smiley Sun Chun is online and ready to chat now /<alibaba>
AusCan531, Mar 13 2012

       Is this post about drink mix or rocket fuel? Some of these substances would resemble things I feed to my 'tomatoes' but for the twist of a ring here and there. The only practical chemistry in my repertoire may lie in the synthesis of very specialized fertilizers, but I certainly know better than to drink anything that takes longer to pronounce than it does to create.
Alterother, Mar 13 2012


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