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portable application launcher with integrated bitorrent application browser

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It's your normal portable application launcher. However what makes it different, is that instead of manually installing portable apps to your flash drive, you can browse though a list of apps you want to use. You can then choose to download its respective tracker file to your drive.

You have three program folders, one is for apps you always need, and another is for small temporary apps you occationally need, and the other one is the bitorrent tracker store ( to retrieve a program).

Even if you don't currently have it, if you think a program may be useful in the future, you can store it's bitorrent tracker file. When you need to access a non commonly used file, you can quickly request it to open, and it will open automagically as soon as it finished downloading.

mofosyne, Jun 03 2011

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       sp: //occasionally //   

       sentence fragment: //However what makes it different is that instead of manually installing portable apps to your flash drive.//   

RayfordSteele, Jun 03 2011


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