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vibrates inside sponge or on knife handle
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water proofe gadget assists with cleaning dishes.
pashute, Feb 14 2009

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       Reads like a "text message" on my mobile phone.
skinflaps, Feb 14 2009

       Have you been drinking? If not, you should start.   

       I fail to see how a vibrating dish-sponge is going to help someone with dementia.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 14 2009

       or how a vibrating knife-handle is going to help with the dishes.
FlyingToaster, Feb 15 2009

       So vibration helps to clean? Maybe. Alzheimer remark is best removed.
zeno, Feb 15 2009

       I guess the Alzheimer remark was pertaining to the late stage Alzheimer shaking?   

       Waterproof vibrator to facilitate cutting and scrubbing? Not that good an idea, electric knifes exist, but they have two blades counteracting each others momentum, so the users hand is not shaken. Retrofitting random kitchen utensils with vibrators will just give you a crampy hand.
loonquawl, Feb 16 2009

       Sorry about the Alzheimer. I meant Parkinsons. I'm always mixing the two. Actually I have a good friend with Parkinsons from age 42. Recently he had an operation which helped him very much.   

       The idea is to clean dishes with a vigorously vibrating electric tool, which can be re-used with many kitchen appliances, even if loon doesn't like it. When you scrub a pan, you are doing exactly that, and if you could scrub it by pushing on a vibrating tool, it would definitely make life easier.   

       I'm removing Alzheimer remark. [original (so that anno's are understood): water proofe gadget assists with cleaning dishes. For people b4 alzheimer.]
pashute, Mar 19 2009

       So it's like a power sander with a sponge attachment?
Veho, Mar 19 2009

       >Power sander?
Exactly. Shouldn't cost more than 5$. Sold with kitchen appliances.
pashute, Apr 16 2009

       Gets my vote.   

       By the way, vibrating, at appropriate frequency and amplitude, a non-serrated blade edge greatly assists cutting (all edges are serrated, by the way, just on the microscopic scale). It's no substitute for a sharp edge, but in conjunction with a sharp edge will help greatly. Just ensure the vibration is aligned with the blade direction.   

       Having different attachments for pan scrubbers, etc would just be good marketing.   

       Keep the [insert disorder of choice here] comments away, however.
Custardguts, Apr 16 2009


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